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Afri-Pearl Collection Shop

There are a number of types of gifts and souvenirs available in Africa, such as traditional artifacts, jewelry, carvings, precious stones, furniture, traditional cloth, music, and art works.
Afri-Pearl Collection Shop offers a range of unusual gifts as a way to remember your Safari to the African Wildlife Paradise.
Every day our amazing team of vision For Vulnerable Beneficiaries list hundreds of items for purchase by supporters like you, including; Art pieces, Bags, African wear, African Sandals, wood, Furniture, jewelries, and more. There’s always something new to discover in our Online Shop.

Our Real-Life Impact

Help us develop a robust collection of unique products created by talented and resilient youth across Uganda’s slums, among Uganda’s wealthiest communities. In addition to being located in Kampala, one of the country’s poorest slums, our youth are also drawn from some of the most vulnerable and largest populations of disadvantaged children and youth in Uganda.
Afri-Pearl Collection is an African handmade creative project in Uganda (East Africa) which was inspired by the high unemployment rate of youth in Uganda coupled with the growing demand for eco-conscious and repurposed products worldwide. We sell a wide range of artisan products made in Uganda by primarily young people and women, with a focus on promoting fair trade and improving livelihoods.

About Afri-Pearl Collection

Afri-Pearl Collection Shop

Our Shop Mission

Afri-Pearl Collection Shop
We are seeking to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly and repurposed products by turning one person’s trash into another’s treasure, as well as promoting opportunities for education and employment for Uganda’s most vulnerable youth.
Making African Crafts & Fabrics a part of community development, so that buyer’s dollars will benefit the creators and their families, as well as conserving the environment since they benefit directly.

Our Shop Vision

Afri-Pearl Collection Shop

Join Us

Afri-Pearl Collection Shop
Is eco-sustainability important to you? Our business model is sustainable and scalable, capable of growing across borders. Contact us today if you are interested in partnering, investing or franchising with us.

Raw Materials Used In Making Our Collection!

Afri-Pearl Collection Shop
Afri-Pearl Collection Shop
Eco-Brand Bags

Materials come from repurposed large PVC banners used for marketing. Eventually the eye-catching, bright banners become waste and potentially harmful to the Earth. Using this ‘garbage’, Afri-Pearl creates stunning bags and accessories that satisfy the requirements of any lifestyle.

African Jewellery And Beadwork

In our shop, this is the most significant aspect of African crafts. Paper, glass, soapstone, bronze, gold, copper, thread, straws, wood, and so many other materials are commonly used in African jewellery. A number of these materials are then transformed by the hands of artists into necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bungles, rings, etc. A custom order can even be made based on your design.

African Clothes And Wear

It is no secret that Africans dress and create their cultural garments with creativity. To celebrate creativity and represent African lifestyles, some fabrics are dyed using batik techniques, hand crafted prints, screen printed designs, and other methods. Generally, fabric prints are crafted using wax and dyes that make vibrant shades, according to the preferences of the customer. Many of the African clothes are 100% cotton. Masai shuka, kanga from Tanzania, Kitenge from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and backcloth from Uganda are among the most popular fabrics. Buying a piece is a must due to their vibrant designs. These fabrics can also be found on bags, purses, and other items

African Art Paintings And Wooden Pieces

Art pieces and paintings are made on wood using colors and iron pieces to cut designs in wooden pieces. For house décor and exhibitions, wood is used to create sculptures, masks, and game boards. In addition to the creativity of artisans, some wooden pieces are inspired by African lifestyles and cultures.

Pottery In Africa

Clay items are among the most cherished pieces of African arts and crafts. A few examples include flower pots, tiles, cups, pans, dishes, basins, etc. Many artists finish off their clay paintings with artistic designs and paintings in order to make a good piece for sale. In addition to being used in interior décor, they are also used for gardening!

Our Collection

Examples of Products

Afri-Pearl Collections Unwrapped offers over 100 new and fun products, as well as unique charity gifts for your loved ones. Profits will be used to change lives for the better.

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