Best Time to Visit Rwanda

The best time to visit Rwanda is always from mid-May to mid-October, this can be the long dry season and possesses excellent conditions for keeping track of gorillas. You will discover 4 seasons to think about any time planning your Rwanda safari, however the weather is fairly temperate and favors travel all year-round, thanks a lot to its small size, proximity towards the equator and high altitude, which provides it a fresh highland feel and steady temperature. The regular daytime temperature is usually around 30°C or even 86°F. The main city Kigali enjoys a great average temperature of about 21°C or 70°F.

You can track gorillas year all year round in Rwanda, on the other hand you will need to keep in mind the particular rainier months that make tracking harder with muddy circumstances.

Best time to visit Rwanda climate guide

Uganda Climate Guide

Best time to Visit Rwanda Safari by month

Safari Rwanda March to Mid-May

Mountain Gorilla Families in Uganda

It is Rwanda’s long rain season, and that can be undeniable, which is specifically marked in the mountainous regions. Gorilla tracking is less suited to this specific time, although in the event that you are seeking to track the chimpanzees inside the Nyungwe area this is often the best possible time, as being the figs and fruits in the forest mature and they are likely to be viewed in larger groups.

Safari Rwanda Mid-May to Mid October

Safari Uganda between March and May

This can be a long dry period with ideal situations for gorilla taking in Volcanoes National Park and intended for visiting the Rwanda wildlife overall, when you have complete overall flexibility with your date ranges we might advise travelling during this time period. Animal viewing will be more popular at this time, with golden monkeys and mountain gorillas in addition to habitat tolerant species such buffalo and elephant all more visible in the dry season. As gorillas reside in the rainforest, we nevertheless recommend taking water-resistant clothing even throughout these drier months. This is furthermore peak season in Rwanda, so costs could be higher.

Safari Rwanda Mid-October to November

Safari Uganda in June and August

A short rain period, these kinds of months can even be best for birding, as tress and plants happen to be flowering and visible birdlife is productive, and it can be even possible to enjoy specialist birding tours (specifically later November/early December or perhaps late May). Green seasons also can result in excellent photography ailments, with rains tending to be quick and heavy before clearing to blue skies – ideal for capturing scenery.

December – February Safari Rwanda

September - October Safari Uganda

Another peak time to tour, this brief dry period is better for animal viewing. The dry periods may also be perfect for those seeking to hike, canoe or climb, with no need for shelter through rain. Lodge costs are usually higher throughout these busier times of the year.

When to go if you want to see

  • Chimpanzees: Nyungwe Forest is the largest areas of montane forest with their 13 species of primates – the most famous trek is for chimps. The best time is outside the rainy season.
  • Gorilla Doctors: You can visit the gorilla doctors at any time of the year when you organize book in advance.
  • Golden Monkeys: Seen in Volcanoes National Park avoiding the rainy season months of April, May, and November.
  • Mountain Gorillas: You may track the mountain gorillas all year round. We advise you avoid the rainy season months of April, May, and November.

Experts View

The best time to visit Rwanda is probably through the month of June as this is when they name the newborn gorillas in the gorilla naming ceremony also known as ‘Kwita Izina’.

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