Uganda Boat Tours

Both safaris on rivers or lakes are in protected and unprotected parts of Uganda; boat safaris are also available here. They are well-liked because of the tranquility they offer, the extraordinary wildlife observations, and the expansive views. Watching birds is fun on a boat tour along the shores of rivers or lakes.

Uganda rivers and lakes


There are many lakes and rivers in Uganda. Three countries, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda share Victoria Lake, and this lake is the largest freshwater lake in Africa. 20% of the land in Uganda is covered by water, and these water resources are rivers, lakes, and swamps. Kagera, River Nile, Rwizi, Katonga, Sezibwa, and numerous other small rivers are here with the other more incredible rivers. Lake Victoria, Kyoga, Edward, George, Mburo, Wamala Lake, and numerous small lakes, chiefly the numerous crater lakes in the west and southwest of Uganda, are also with other big lakes.

Boat cruise on the River Nile


Based on the views alongside the way, boat excursions and an extension of game drives in the parks typically take 1-3 hours. In Murchison Falls Park, a boat trip where you can see various animals approach the water as well as other aquatic creatures and countless birds. The boat transports you just a few meters from the mighty Murchison Falls, giving you incredible sights of the falls.

Kazinga Channel


The Lakes Edward and George, rich with biodiversity, are connected by the Kazinga Channel, situated in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Numerous animals, birds, and reptiles can be photographed across this channel as they approach the river’s border for water, to cool down, or to look for food. The two-hour boat cruise is either on a park vessel or a private vessel run by one of the hotels.

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