African Safari Experiences

Every day on African Safari is an adventure

One of Africa’s biggest draws is that it has an adventure like no other place on the planet. When you go out to watch a game, you never know what you’re going to see or what will happen. Every safari is an exciting adventure.

We may be the last generation to witness Africa in its full splendour, with vast herds of wildlife and indigenous tribes living undisturbed lifestyles. Travelling to Africa on a photographic safari is a donation in itself to the conservation of African animals and habitats, and it may be the most fun and satisfying environmental contribution you will ever make.

The time to visit Africa is now!!! Despite the existence of a vast network of big wildlife reserves, Africa’s growing human population poses a threat to natural habitats and the magnificent species that inhabits them. People move into formerly undeveloped areas as cities expand. More and more water from East Africa’s Mara, Ruaha, and Rufiji rivers is being exploited for agriculture—water and land that wild animals rely on to thrive.

Examples of Itineraries

Please take a look at our sample African Safari below for inspiration. Every Safari you take can be tailored to meet your individual needs. You can choose any number of days. You can choose any departure date. Feel free to choose any experience.

Big 5 Safari African Safari

Africa offers the most magnificent and diverse range of big mammals on the planet. Although many species’ populations have dropped in recent decades, and some are endangered, there are still big and healthy populations in vast expanses of wilderness, protected by a network of extensive national parks and other protected areas.

National parks in Uganda

Tree-climbing lions, wild gorillas, unlimited herds and groups of scarce chimpanzees are all yours to take…

21 Days


TANZANIA adventure traveling

Tanzania Zanzibar

Experience a relaxed safari in Tanzania by visiting Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and more…
10 Days


african safari vacation

Tanzania Wildlife

In our safari Tanzania Animals tour, you will travel the famed park circuit (Northern Safari Circuit) in Tanzania…
10 Days


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Gorilla Trekking African Safari

It’s probably one of the most exciting adventures you can take part in in Africa. Gorillas may be the most charismatic of all animals. Encountering a free-ranging family in their forest habitat will be an experience you won’t forget. The number of people visiting these peaceful relatives of mankind is exponentially increasing, and permits are at a premium on both a cost and availability basis.
african safari to kenya

Chimp vs Gorilla Trekking Rwanda

This low-cost tour has been created to put you in touch with the greatest parts of this country…
7 Days


Uganda Gorilla Trekking

For only four days Gorilla Safari Uganda Trekking, you have an opportunity to track…
4 Days


Rwanda african safari

Gorillas in Rwanda

The locals are welcoming, and you can track the Safari Rwanda gorillas and enjoy beautiful lakes….
10 Days


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Chimpanzee Trekking African Safari

Like gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking is an amazing experience. Chimp trekking is best in Mahale Mountains National Park (Tanzania) and Kibale Forest National Park (Uganda). To watch these amazing primates live in the wild is humbling and exhilarating. Like tracking gorillas, it is an unforgettable experience to sit with them.

Uganda Chimpanzees

This 2-day Safari will take you Where to see chimpanzees in Uganda? Uganda chimpanzee tracking will bring you…
2 Days


Uganda Chimpanzee Trekking

These three days, Safari Uganda chimpanzee trekking will bring you on a chimp trek inside the Kibale forest…

3 Days


Rwanda african safari

Chimpanzee and Gorilla Trekking Rwanda

You will be able to meet friendly people and embark on safari Rwanda gorilla tracking and chimp….
7 Days


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Cultural, Mountain and Boat African Safari

With the world becoming increasingly modern, it’s becoming more and more difficult to visit remote tribes. It is possible to focus your trip entirely on culture, or you can include cultural interactions, ranging from several hours to several days, on your trip and include a wildlife safari. Africa is home to a myriad of mountains that will test both the novice and the expert alike. Mt. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), at 19,340 feet (5,895 m), is Africa’s tallest peak, followed by Mt. Kenya at 17,058 feet (5,199 m). A boat, canoe, kayak, or mokoro (dugout canoe) is often the best way to view wildlife located along rivers or lakes. Travelers usually stay between a few hours and three days on their trips.
CULTURE TOUR safaris to africa

Maasai Culture Safari

This tour will show you the traditional homes of the Maasai people featuring steppe seven bungalows…
3 Days


Rwenzori Mountains

This ten-day Rwenzori Mountain Hiking and Climbing during an Uganda Safari Vacations African Tour…
10 Days


Murchison Falls Uganda

This two day Safari in Uganda Murchison Falls National Park wildlife safari takes you to Murchison falls…
2 Days


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Birdwatching African Safari

You are likely to become a serious birdwatcher during your safari if you are not already. Africa is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Several countries have recorded more than 1,000 species, while certain reserves have recorded more than 500 species. You will hear a constant “soundtrack” of bird calls throughout your African safari, which will add to the natural ambience and develop lasting memories. One of the wonderful things about birds is that they can be found just about anywhere at any time. It is very easy to see birds near camps and lodges, since many species have adapted quite well to human presence.

Uganda Safari Holidays

Our 12-day Destination Northern Uganda Safari trip brings you the Northern tour of Uganda…
12 Days


Holidays to Uganda

This Uganda Safari tour includes explicitly the most essential and well-known Uganda Safari parks…
15 Days


Birding Safaris in Uganda

Uganda Safari Vacations has a variety of landscapes and over 1000 bird species! This 22-day…

3 Days


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The Great Migration African Safari

As you probably know, the Great Wildebeest Migration is due to millions of wildebeest, antelope, and zebra moving around the Serengeti-Masai Mara ecosystem to graze. In addition to covering vast distances, the animals rarely stay at one location for very long periods of time. Nature’s most important moments take place en route, such as rutting, mating, and calving. In Tanzania, the Migration occurs for the most part in the Serengeti, and in Kenya’s Masai Mara, it occurs during peak safari season. Both countries have equally exciting – but different – Migration aspects.
safaris to africa

Tanzania Migration Safari

Migration safaris in Africa allow you to view the largest migration in the Serengeti National Park because…
9 Days


african safari to kenya

Safari Kenya

With these Kenya safari packages, you will be able to visit the best national parks and game reserves….
12 Days


Elephants african trips

Tanzania Safari and Rwanda Gorillas

The safari Tanzania Rwanda tour will allow you to track mountain gorillas in Rwanda, visit Kigali’s genocide …

9 Days


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Beach African Safari

Experience an exhilarating safari adventure with amazing game drives on African plains before relaxing on the sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean. We offer a wide range of African beach holidays that can be enjoyed alone or combined with a safari or lodge stay. We’ll help you plan the perfect holiday.
Pemba Islands african vacation

Pemba Island Holidays

For several decades, Pemba Island Beach Holidays have taken travelers between Zanzibar and Tanzania…
4 Days


great-white-shark-african trips

Swimming with Great White Shark

Great White Shark Diving Tour is a good place to go if you want to swim with whale sharks…
6 Days


african safari to kenya

Kenya Safari and Beach

Diani Blue Beach is one of Kenya’s most luxurious beach resorts. A white sand beach and….
5 Days


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Fly African Safari

A fly-in safari lets you travel between destinations within a safari destination by light aircraft, saving time as you move between attractions and allowing you to see more while on vacation. Apart from the fact that you can get from A to B quickly and efficiently, flying from place to place is a great way to experience the surroundings you will be visiting on the ground.
african safari to kenya

Fly in Masai Mara Kenya

During a luxurious safari in Kenya three days Flying into Masai Mara takes you to the southwest…
3 Days


african safari to kenya

Masai Mara by Air

This tour is ideal for those who don’t have much time but still want to visit this well-known reserve….
4 Days


african safari to kenya

Fly in Masai Mara Safari

Masai Mara is located in the southwest of Kenya and has breathtaking views, endless plains…
6 Days


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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Which airlines offer access?
East African’s Airport has the following airlines: Egypt Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Kenya Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Brussels Airlines, South African Airways, Fast Jet, Fly Dubai, RwandAir, South Supreme Airways and Fly-SAX.
Can I fly internally?
If you are on safari in East Africa, you can fly internally. Some safari destinations are connected by scheduled flights, while others are reached by charter flights. Feel free to tell us if you prefer a flight over a car trip or a mix of both.
How does the road network look like?
Primary roads in East Africa are tarmacked, but secondary roads are of varying quality. Be prepared for long, bumpy rides.
Do you provide Travel Insurance ?
We do not offer travel insurance to our clients. It is the client’s responsibility. Clients should have adequate travel insurance that includes evacuation coverage during the tour.
Is it necessary for me to carry medication?
Please bring all necessary personal medications. Medical services and facilities are basic. It is recommended that you take malaria ‘prophylactics’ (prevention medication) as well as carry a mosquito repellent. Make use of the mosquito nets that are offered at your lodging. For more information, see your doctor before traveling. Adventure sports like as mountaineering and hiking, gorilla trekking and chimp tracking, white-water rafting, canoeing, and kayaking may bring significant dangers and should be conducted with care and caution.
Is it necessary to get vaccinated before going on a safari?
A number of vaccinations are recommended and/or required. As of 2016, most East African countries required confirmation of yellow fever immunization. Immunizations against DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Polio), as well as Hepatitis A, meningitis, tetanus, and typhoid. Consult your own country for information on vaccination and immunization requirements.
Is it safe to drink tap water?
Drink bottled water, which is available in safari cars and accommodations. Don’t use tap water.
Is a visa required to enter any East African country?
Before entering any East African country, you must obtain a visa. Single entry tourist visas (typically three months) are available on arrival at airports and cost between USD $50 and $100 at land crossings – please mention explicitly that you require three months or else you will be given two weeks but you must apply online before your trip. Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda now have a single East African visa that costs $100. Your passport must still be valid for at least six months. For more information, contact the airline or your travel agent. The majority of East African countries adhere to a policy of reciprocity (if your Country requires a Visa for Ugandans to enter, Uganda will impose the same). You will be notified of any changes in Visa restrictions.
Can I use my debit or credit card?
You can withdraw money from ATMs and use Visa credit cards in any East African country, although there is a daily withdrawal restriction. Banks are available in major towns, although it may be difficult to find one once you begin your safari. You should notify your bank before using your card abroad to avoid having it blocked. Some places may not accept credit cards for payment, and in those circumstances when they do, there may be a 5 – 10% surcharge. East African countries no longer accept traveler’s checks.
Can Master Card be used?
Master Card is accepted in very few places in East Africa. Consider carrying cash that you can exchange when you arrive. Cash will be exchanged in banks and Forex bureaus. Please keep in mind that US dollar bills issued prior to 1999 are NOT recognized in Uganda. Bills issued prior to 2006, as well as small denomination dollar bills (anything less than a USD 50 bill), are subject to a lower exchange rate.
Does East Africa appear to be safe?
Most East African countries are generally safe, but like with any other country, occasional security difficulties may develop, therefore basic measures should be taken. Do not leave bags or money unattended, and do not wear expensive jewelry.
How far in advance should I book my safari?
If your safari involves gorilla and chimp trekking, book as far in advance as possible – 3 months is recommended. The permits for gorillas and chimps are booked and paid for at the same time.
What is the best way for me to pay for my safari?
The majority of our customers pay via wire transfers or credit cards. Bank information is accessible upon request. After approval, credit card payments can be made, however there will be a 5-8 percent surcharge. Please keep in mind that the availability of accommodation and permits is not assured until Sight View Safaris officially confirms the safari. Reservations for lodging, permits, and activities will be made as soon as money is received on our account. Please keep in mind that any bank fees are the client’s responsibility.
What kind of safari vehicles does Sight View Safaris use?
Sight View Safaris provides 4WD safari vehicles with a ‘pop-up canopy’ for wildlife viewing. The 4WD vehicles are either minibuses or Land Cruisers, and we make certain that everyone gets a window seat to experience the greatest views. We limit the number of passengers in the minibus to seven, while the number of passengers in the land cruiser varies based on size, with seven, five, and three being the most common. This allows for ample of legroom and luggage storage. Groups of twelve or more who want to travel in a single vehicle use the 25-29 seat Coaster buses, which feature around 16 window seats.
Do you cater to those with unique dietary needs?
We take care of your dietary preferences as far as the hotels comply, which is typically good if you let us know ahead of time so that we can make the required arrangements with the various lodges on your itinerary. When your driver-guide arrives at the lodge, make sure he or she contacts reception.
How can I contact with my family while on safari?
Most regions in east Africa have international phone service, and local SIM cards can be acquired. There is international roaming available. Internet cafés provide a wide range of internet services, albeit the quality and speed of the connection vary. Wi-Fi is available in some resorts. All of our drivers/guides have cell phones and stay in touch with the office throughout safaris.

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Sight View Safaris, thank you again for a brilliant safari and stay in Uganda. Everything scored on A plus. The Ugandan people are a joyful and welcoming…….

Martin and Stella


When traveling to Uganda, there are many choices for safari companies but the service and experience provided by Sight View Safaris cannot be matched……

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We went on safari with Sight View Safaris in August 2015. We cannot rave enough about what a fantastic experience this was. The most memorable experiences of my life…..



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