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(COVID-19) the Coronavirus and traveling: The condition when the dramatic changes are visible all around the globe. Administrations have changed their traveling warnings to control traveling throughout this period. 

Learn more about lockdowns and border constraints for the most up-to-date traveling advisories and warnings from across the entire globe. Is Rwanda genuinely safe? If you’re exploring the native culture or trekking gorillas. There are top 12 guidelines for safe travel in Rwanda.


Travel restrictions in Rwanda for the (COVID-19) Coronavirus were modified on September 19, 2020: On August 1, the International Airport Kigali reopened. Most travelers must show proof of a negative result of the COVID-19 test obtained between 120 hours of departure, complete a Performa of visitor locator, and upload a test certificate. Visitors would be subjected to a second test, with findings arriving within a day. Throughout this period, you will be self-quarantined in authorized lodging.

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In terms of criminal threats, how safe is Rwanda?

Uganda Travel Safety Tips, Is Uganda Safe?

Drug custody, taking, and trading are against the laws of Rwanda, having lawbreakers acquire severe penalties and prospective time in jail.

Pictures of the army, state buildings, and the points of crossing borders are banned.

Drinking alcohol during driving is not allowed and is illegal by penalties and imprisonment.

The use of a cellphone while driving is also unlawful.

 An unsuitable and contentious conversation about the people of Rwanda genocide will also lead to monetary consequences and sentences.

Based on road safety, how safe is Rwanda?

Uganda Travel Safety Tips, Is Uganda Safe?

Rwanda has a well-developed and reliable bus service connecting significant towns and cities bordering nations. Please ensure you purchase tickets at the bus company’s counters, as fraud sales associates lurk around the transportation hubs looking for unsuspecting passengers. Minibusses are unquestionably a popular mode of transportation in Kigali and other important cities. And although they are far less expensive, the negative is that the bus will not leave the station until it is filled up, and there is no specific routine at this time. Furthermore, they are readily packed, making more extended travels inconvenient and perhaps resulting in road auto accidents. Registered taxis are identifiable by their white hue, orange band, and rooftop sign at Kigali Airport and throughout the capital. 

While not as inexpensive as government transport, all of those are typically the safest means of taxi services. However, you would either have to choose one from a specified location or to have your guesthouse. If your hired taxi has no meter, haggle over the fare before getting in. A person can rent a car to travel around Rwanda, although crossing at nighttime is not recommended due to poor road quality and even darkened roads in remote regions. During the autumn and early summer flood seasons, land sliding and floodwaters may pose a concern to driving.

Plastic Bags

Uganda Travel Safety Tips, Is Uganda Safe?

Another thing you’ll notice as you travel across Rwanda is how clean it is; in 2008, the state outlawed the use of non-biodegradable high-density polyethylene tote bags. Big signs will be posted at the airport to alert the tourists that baggage inspections may be conducted; anyone with these bags may be penalized 50,000 Francs (US $61) or imprisoned. Be a considerate traveler and dispose of your plastic bags in approved areas.


Organized crime and regional security

Uganda Travel Safety Tips, Is Uganda Safe?

Rwanda has been one of Africa’s safest destinations, particularly for solitary tourists. Residents are welcome, kind, and accommodating, and crime is probably low, with tourists occasionally encountering little offenses. Petty criminals can be found in crowded settings like marketplaces, and rented cars can be stolen into for belongings. Tourists are rarely the victims of violent incidents. Visitors are suggested to respect the customs and culture, especially women travelers are recommended to dress a certain way.


Travel Insurance

Uganda Travel Safety Tips, Is Uganda Safe?

Anyone traveling in Rwanda must have medical security, according to Rwandan legislation. You have one month to straighten it out if someone comes to this state without it. Rwanda’s healthcare resources and facilities are inadequate; thus, any visitor to Rwanda should purchase an insurance coverage policy that includes good healthcare benefits, including air medevac.

Your existing medical costs could be significant if you become ill or harmed accidentally while traveling. Make sure you have travel security with emergency support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Border Safety

Uganda Travel Safety Tips, Is Uganda Safe?

A political conflict between the two nations has been escalating for the previous two years, Rwandan government sealing its border with Uganda and warning its nationals not to be allowed to go to Uganda. Before crossing, travelers should verify with the immigration agents in these nations.

Rwanda and Burundi

Due to lawlessness and the ongoing fighting among the state and rebel parties, official travel advisories advise visitors to evaluate their need to visit within 10 km of the border. National Park of Nyungwe Forest and the National Park of Volcanoes are also part of this area.

Burundi has banned all public transportation through Rwanda, while Rwanda has imposed trade restrictions on foodstuffs imported from Burundi. Crossing points can shutter at any moment without warning. Due to the significant vulnerabilities, Burundi is considered a no-go tourism location. Violent criminality, violence, and extremism are all on the rise in the country.


Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo

According to official travel recommendations, border checks between Rwanda and the DRC could be closed at any time; thus, tourists are warned not to rely on both states. Local battles among state forces and paramilitaries in Southern and Northern Kivu regions have also raised security concerns near the border. Kidnappings, thefts, and sexual assaults occur daily.

The Rwandan Health ministry has an isolation procedure for anyone who enters Rwanda directly from a sizeable Ebola-affected area in the DRC.



Safety of Gorilla Trek 

Uganda Travel Safety Tips, Is Uganda Safe?

Since the mountain gorillas are also one of Rwanda’s most popular tourist destinations, the state has taken stringent precautions to safeguard these species and ensure that visitation is economical and sustainable. Tourists visiting the gorillas should plan a well-guided trip for many causes, such as bandits, civil disturbances, the risk of harm, and the creatures’ safety. Managed tourism eliminates any health hazards for gorillas, which are susceptible to infections, and the chance of relationships, which can result in injuries or deaths.


LGBTQ+ Safety

Uganda Travel Safety Tips, Is Uganda Safe?

In Rwanda, a homosexual relationship is not legal, but it is not commonly tolerated but is still deemed immoral. Although the state remains conservative, with local LGBTQ individuals facing discrimination, other African nations are perceived to be more intolerant. There might be a few gay spots in Kigali, but LGBTQ travelers should be inconspicuous in all instances for security purposes.



Uganda Travel Safety Tips, Is Uganda Safe?

Malaria is prevalent throughout Rwanda, and the state has taken significant steps to eradicate the infection through community outreach programs such as mosquito coverings, house sprays, and prompt healthcare treatment and therapy.


Genocide in Rwanda

Uganda Travel Safety Tips, Is Uganda Safe?

Thousands of Tutsi, modest Hutus and Twa civilians were massacred when the Rwandan government started extermination during the civil war in 1994. Almost 2 million civilians of Rwanda were relocated internally and outside during traveling; many people were missed, and families were broken apart. However, Rwandan authorities have worked hard to get past this terrible and unfortunate tragedy and create a positive and sustainable life for all Rwandans.

Genocide legislation is vigorously prosecuted, encouraging illegal racial or divisive behavior and punished by penalties and prison terms. Visitors are asked to be courteous when speaking about that incident and stop discussing it. Numerous people were harmed by the tragedy and are still traumatized. This is also an excellent reason to stop referring to residents by ancestry.

For further information, visit the Genocide Memorial Kigali or contact your Safaris to arrange a spectacular Rwandan safari for guests.

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