Kenya Travel Tips

An African safari is one of these travel activities that unites practically all tourists because almost all would not like to explore gorgeous natural landscapes while catching glimpses associated with some incredible wildlife. Whenever you think about all the possibilities for cultural encounters, wildlife sightings, plus unforgettable adventures, it is no wonder that African safari ranks highly on all guest’s must-do lists!

The best places to go on safari will be, indisputably, Kenya. Ought to you be the traveler dead-set upon seeing the best safari animals, embarking on the very best experiences, and taking pleasure in the best environment, Kenya is nearly a good option so that you can have the supreme African safari adventure! Right now, we’re bringing some of our favorite tips and tricks for exploring Kenya for a safari.


Decide when you will Travel


While Kenya is a year-round location, the weather patterns vary from day to day, and it means that before the safari, you need to decide when, exactly, you want to go. Kenya encounters a dry season along with two rainy seasons.

  • The dry season continues from mid-December until March. During this time, temperatures will soar, and you will see very little rainfall. This year is excellent for wildlife seeing, as animals gather around the available drinking water, but it’s also the high season – you should expect to pay more for travel.
  • The “long period of rains” occurs from March until May. This is Kenya’s down season, and travelers will find discounted rates and fewer crowds (though keep in thoughts that many lodges and amenities will be closed for the season).
  • The “short rains” happen from October to December. This period usually isn’t as rainy as the long rains, and temperatures are starting to rise.

Decide what you want to see


    Part of deciding what time of the year you want to be able to visit Kenya consists of determining what an individual wants to experience after you generally get there! Anything from the forms of animals you will see to typically the available activities, and even the safari cost on your current trip will always be based upon precisely what you’re yearning to embark while in Kenya.

    If finding the Big several (five of the most impressive wildlife one can discover on safari include; elephants, buffalo, leopards, lions, and rhinos) is significant to an individual, then visiting in the course of the dry period is an excellent idea. When water is scarce, due to the fact it is in the course of this time, even more animals can always be found in huge groups.

    Kenya is also one of many residences of the Wonderful Wildebeest Migration – annually, from July to October, millions migrate from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. If seeing this incredible natural sensation is at the top of your bucket list, you must plan your current visit carefully.

    If you are a bird lover, consider Kenya because it harbors thousands of fantastic bird species, and even the ideal time to see them is the wet period – not simply are you going to be able to see many species. Still, you’ll also enjoy fewer crowds and on-budget travel.

    Research Tour Operators


    If you travel anywhere, you want to be sure that you’re in safe hands, right? Going on a safari with an experienced local tour and travel agency is essential. You will not only feel the safety but also explore a lot of new things. The vast knowledge of local tour guides means they know all the best tips and tricks to help you have the best safari experience. Groups tour are a great way to get out of your safari, from the basic safety of the airport and pre-arranged accommodation to knowing where to find the best food to enjoy, meeting like-minded tourists during your safari, and traveling on a group tour, especially while you’re touring Kenya, is always a great idea.

    Prepare in advance

    What visas do you need to travel to Kenya? What vaccinations do you need before you depart to Kenya? How will you be transferred from the airport to your holiday accommodation? What’s the weather going to be like?

    You have to know the answer to such questions before you travel to Kenya! The answers may vary from person to person based on where you’re traveling from. Nevertheless, knowing your staff in advance is always a brilliant idea. Another good thing about traveling with a group is you will have people accountable for making the planning as easy as possible – you will always have a person around to answer your question to make sure your safari goes without a problem.

    Manage your Expectations


    Your safari in Kenya will be fantastic due to the incredible nature, exceptional individuals you will be traveling with, and the chance to see animals within the wild: not due to a single specific accomplishment, such as seeing every member of the Big Five. Every safari is different! Focus less on things outside your control, like the weather conditions, crowds, and particular animals, and instead on how amazing this is to leave your everyday life and explore some new country. Trust us: you’ll get pleasure from your trip considerably more if you stay in the moment!

    Do you want to go on a safari?

    Although traveling on a safari in Kenya can be a considerable undertaking, the process can be straightforward, easy, and even fun with some planning and the right local travel agency. Our tips will ensure you hold the best experience possible, but remember to always listen to the advice of your tour guide while you’re traveling: they’re the experts!

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