Rwanda Animals

What animals can you see in Rwanda?

Rwanda is famous as the Land of Thousands of Hills. There are a lot of reserves of forests and three national parks; Rwanda is an implausible land that is full of lakes, mountains, and savannahs. However, this is a small landlocked country. This country contains a diverse range of habitats; there are more than seven hundred different kinds of birds. Other animals include hippos, golden monkeys, forest hogs, and giants. However, Rwanda’s definite king is the highly imperiled mountain gorillas that grab the greatest attraction of visitors. Almost 500 gorillas are living here.

  1. Hamlyn’s Monkey

Hamlyn’s monkey is popularly known as an owl-faced monkey. These monkeys are one of Rwanda’s top wildlife wonders. This variety can only be found in Rwanda and adjacent countries. Monkeys live in the forest of bamboos on highlands and hills. Their distinctive shape face is identified with a hoop that goes from their lips to the middle of the crest, and another one goes horizontally above the range. These bands could be in various colors, adding to the conspiracy of these Hamlyn’s monkeys.


  1. Shoebill

This unusual shoebill, known as the whale head and shoe billed stork, is typically a giant bird with substantial inhabitants in Rwanda. It was once assumed to be related to storks, but new genetic data suggests it is more closely related to pelicans. This bird stands up to 140 cm tall and has a greyish coat and a distinctive clog-shaped beak; and it is simple to recognize but hard to find in its wetlands habitat.


  1. The Black Mamba

This is one of the world’s largest, most deadly, and fastest snakes, and it deserves to be included on our list of Rwandan wildlife. Its standard length is around 2.5 meters; however, some specimens can reach 4.3 meters. From its name, the ‘black’ refers to its terrifying black lips, in contrast to its body that has a variety of tones ranging from yellow to greyish. In addition to their toxicity, they have the distinction of always being the fastest snake in the world, and their proficient speed is up to 20 km per hour.


  1. Lions

Lions were once nearly extinct in Rwanda, thanks to the people poisoning them to protect their livestock. However, in the north-Akagera east National Park, a group of seven were successfully rehabilitated into the country. These wild lions are the very first lions here for 15 years and are now supposed to be flourishing.


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  1. Tree Hyrax

This is a fascinating creature. This little nighttime mammal is linked to sea elephants or sea cows and is known for its unique call. A succession of cries and screams accompanies this, so if a tree hyrax wakes you up in Rwanda, you might be experiencing nightmares shortly!


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  1. Gorilla

Gorillas are one of Rwanda’s most prominent animal species. The area is home to eastern gorilla varieties. Grauer’s gorillas and Mountian gorillas are the two types of gorillas. Rwanda is home to over one-third of the world’s mountain gorillas, mostly limited to Volcano National Park, where travelers can safely and reliably meet them. Due to their relatively small population, gorillas are considered endangered on the IUCN Red List. Eastern gorillas are large-headed gorillas with long limbs and enormous chests. Their body is completely coated in black fur. A man gorilla can weigh up to 450 pounds & stand up to 5.6 feet tall, although a female gorilla can carefully consider 220 pounds and rise to 4.9 feet high.


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  1. Elephant

The Akagera National Park is a place for a variety of wildlife as well as elephants. You can notice around one hundred elephants all over Rwanda, with the increasing number of inhabitants nowadays. The specie of savanna elephants are most likely to be found elephants in Rwanda; however, some African Elephants are also supposed to cross the bordering DRC into the state of Rwanda. Savanna elephants are giant worldly African animals, whereas a male elephant’s height is determined by the 13 feet, and their weight could be approximately 10.4 tons. These may have highly sensitive prehensile trunks, and trunks are strong. The strength of their trunks allowed them to lift around 3% of the elephant’s body weight. For elephants, Poaching is a great threat in Rwanda. 


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  1. Lion

Before the crisis of 1994, Rwanda had a lot of lions. Thousands of elephants were killed or hunted down by forces attempting to build shelters in the campgrounds during the battle. There are around 25 lions in Rwanda, most of them kept in the Akagera National Park. It’s been hypothesized that lions from Tanzania may have wandered into the country’s parks. Despite this, no proof has been discovered to support such a move. The Rwanda government attempted to restock the lions in the past, and even they tried to import lions from South Africa, but they could not do so. 


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    1. Antelope

    Antelopes are indigenous to Africa, with nearly all species found across Eastern Africa, especially Rwanda. The region is homeland to various antelope species, such as the renowned roan antelope, which may be found in savannah grasslands and woodlands. The Akagera National Park, located in the country’s east, is home to various antelope species such as impalas, klipspringers, and duikers. Because of their number, antelopes in Rwanda have been classified as a Moderate Threat on the IUCN Red List. Illegal hunting, particularly for their horns, continues their most significant concern.


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    1. Giraffe

    More than 100 giraffes live in the Akagera National Park, particularly on the Northern Plains. The IUCN has classified just one giraffe species and nine subspecies. There are two subspecies of giraffes found in Rwanda: Masai and Angolan. Because of their relatively small population, the giraffes are classified as vulnerable in Rwanda. However, since their introduction, they have been least harmed by human activities such as Poaching. 


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    1. Topis

    This is a subspecies of African antelope seen in watersheds, savannas, and semi-deserts in African Sub-Saharan. It is found in many countries, including Rwanda, the Congo, the Democratic Republic, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, and Tanzania. Topis could be seen across Rwanda, mainly in the grasslands of Akagera National Park; however, some can also be observed beyond the park. Male topis have built territories that are gathered together within parks. The most dominant man lives in the middle of the region or lek cluster, whereas the least dominant male lives outside. Topis are considered endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).



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    1. Guereza

    White & black monkeys from eastern and west-central Africa are called the guereza home. it is found chiefly in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Chad, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Uganda. The Guereza species contains a lot of subgroups that can be differentiated based on their physical characteristics. They all have attractive white and black aspects. This species, often called the mantled guereza, is usually black with pearly white fringes of silky fur that resemble a mantle. This species is primarily black with a cloak of white hair. Because of the diversity of feeding trees, they prefer to live on riverbanks or marshes. Their greatest danger in Rwanda is habitat destruction due to numerous human activities such as land clearing. 



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    1. Aardvark

    The Aardvark is a nighttime tunneling mammal African native and the sole surviving member of the Tubulidentata order. The creature resembles a pig and has a large nose for smelling prey. The Aardvark can be found across virtually all southern Africa, especially in Rwanda; however, its number is unknown. Grasslands, bushland, and Savannah are also suitable habitats. It shelters underground tunnels every day to avoid the sun’s scorching heat. Leopards, wild pups, lions, and hyenas are the main predators. 

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    1. African Wild Dog

    A huge canid native to Sub-Saharan Africa, it’s the African wild dog. The IUCN has classed it as Threatened because it has vanished from most of its habitat. The African wild dogs are rare in Rwanda and Eastern Africa, and these dogs are practically extinct. The outbreak of illnesses and increased numbers of the population in Rwanda impact the community of dogs, and they are forced to relocate to other areas. The last several species have been discovered in the Akagera National Park. 

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    1. Hippo

    Hippos can be found throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, notably in Akagera National Park of Rwanda. They are frequently spotted in the rivers and wetlands of the park, wherein they pass a significant amount of time. 

    The creature needs a lot of water to survive alive, mainly during the day. 

    Due to their dwindling populations, hippos are classified as threatened species on the planet. They are semi-aquatic creatures that live in both the forests and the savannah.


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