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This Rwanda Gorilla tours and Tanzania Safari vacation is ideal for those looking to combine Safari Rwanda Gorilla tracking in Rwanda with the top Safari Tanzania national parks in Northern Tanzania. You’ll go to Kigali’s Genocide Memorial and track endangered Mountain Gorillas in Safari Rwanda Volcanoes National Park. You will visit Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Park in Tanzania. Tanzania’s famous safari Serengeti and Ngorogoro Crater. The Rwanda Gorilla Tours and Tanzania Safari lodging was picked for its convenient location and high level of comfort.

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Activities In This Adventure Traveling African Safari

Amazing wildlife in Tanzania
Flight from Kigali to Tanzania included
Gorilla permit included!

The story of your African Safaris Tours!


Day 1

Welcome to Rwanda!

You will be met at Kigali Airport by our driver/guide and transported to Hotel des Mille Collines. Depending on your arrival time, you may be able to peruse some of Kigali’s craft markets for ceramics, carvings, batik, weaving, sculpture, musical instruments, leather, and fabrics. Prepare to put your bargaining abilities to the test! Today’s activities and purchases are entirely your responsibility. The Hotel des Mille Collines was the UN headquarters during the country’s 1994 crisis, as shown in the sad film “Hotel Rwanda.” It is now a wonderful accommodation, with the ancient building’s restored structure still apparent. The swimming pool and live music in the afternoon make it a great spot to relax before or after a flight. Journey Time: 15 minutes from the airport Accomodation: Hotel des Mille Collines

Day 2

To Volcanoes National Park


Following an early breakfast, you will be transferred to the magnificent Volcanoes National Park, which is home to the Mountain Gorilla. You will stay at one of the most magnificent lodges in the area, where you will have lunch, dinner, and accommodation. This lodge is well-known for its service, quiet, and spectacular views. Lakes Burera and Ruhondo can be seen on one side. On the other side, you can see the volcanoes Karisimbi, Mikeno, and Visoke.
Optional activity: Genocide Memorial
Depending on your arrival time on Day 1, you could visit the Genocide Memorial in Kigali in the afternoon or in the morning on Day 2. Walking the streets of Kigali today, it’s difficult to believe the 100 days of madness in which the Interahamwe slaughtered an estimated one million Tutsis and moderate Hutus in one of history’s most heinous genocides. This center, created near the mass graves of 250,000 victims, aims to contextualize the event, from the dividing colonial experience in Rwanda and the heinous crimes committed in 1994 through the aftermath of the genocide and the fight for justice. The trip concludes with a section on other major massacres around the world. This activity is optional and at our own cost.

Journey Time: 2 – 3 hours

Meal Plan: Lunch & Dinner

Accomodation: Virunga Lodge


Day 3

Gorilla Trekking

Following an early morning breakfast, you will be driven to the gorilla tracking starting site. You travel about 30 minutes into the park from the resort to the Office Rwandais de Tourisme et Des Parc Nationaux (ORTPN). The ORTPN’s head ranger will divide you into groups based on your interests and fitness. From here, your driver/guide will transport you as near to the starting location of your tracking as feasible. Today you will follow one of the habituated Gorilla groups that can endure the presence of people for a short length of time every day. The time it takes to trace the gorillas might range from 30 minutes to 8 hours! Your path will take you through forested hills, intertwined vines, bushes, and bamboo before arriving at the gorillas’ current location. Your guide will point out gorilla activity remnants such as excrement, nests, and chewed bamboo shoots. Once you’ve found the gorillas, you’ll have a maximum of one hour with them. Meeting a mountain gorilla is an emotional and humbling event. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up up and personal with Rwanda’s own “Gorillas in the Mist.” Note: Sight View Safaris purchases the permits in advance but is unable to reserve a specific gorilla group as it is for the head-ranger to decide this! Journey Time: 15 minutes by car, tracking time varies Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Accomodation: Virunga Lodge

Day 4

Welcome to Tanzania!

Our guide will transport you to Kigali Airport for your travel to Tanzania. The flight information is as follows: Rwandair: 19:30 p.m. departure, 22:10 p.m. arrival When you arrive in Tanzania, our guide will meet you at Kilimanjaro International Airport and transport you to the Arumeru River Lodge. This exquisite resort is located on an old coffee estate and has beautiful cottages fashioned in a combination of African and European designs. TOURS DEPARTING BETWEEN JANUARY AND MAY OR IN NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER, WILL VISIT LAKE MANYARA N.P. ON DAY 2. Journey Time: 45 minutes Accomodation: Arumeru River Lodge

Day 5

Lake Manyara National Park OR Tarangire National Park

Lake Manyara National Park After an early breakfast, you will depart the park for a game drive to ‘Mto wa Mbu.’ Mto Wa Mbu, a thriving farming hamlet, is home to approximately 18,000 people. On this walk, you’ll see a side of Tanzania that many visitors overlook. Mto Wa Mbu is a cultural melting pot; it is regarded to be one of the few sites in Tanzania where representatives from all 120 tribes coexist together. During your visit, you’ll gain a sense of the village’s social side – the farms and milling machines, the schools, markets, and churches. You will most likely tour the local banana plantation, as well as a youth art project and a wood workshop where talented Makonde tribal members make complex figurines, masks, and household goods. Lake Manyara National Park is one of Tanzania’s lesser-known and underappreciated parks. While it does not have the scale or variety of other northern-circuit stops, its vegetation is diverse and attractive. There are 11 ecosystems in total, ranging from savannah to marshland to Tanzania’s sole evergreen rainforest. Baboons and other interesting animals can be seen in the forest, while flamingos (outside of the wet season), pelicans, and other water birds can be found near the lake. Birders adore Lake Manyara National Park because the large lake affords opportunity to see over 300 migrating birds. Among these are the long-crested eagle, grey-headed kingfisher, and other birds found nowhere else in Tanzania. The park has one of the world’s greatest biomass densities of large mammals. The possibility of seeing elephant families wandering through the forest, as well as Lake Manyara’s well-known population of tree-climbing lions, is reason enough to be enthusiastic. You sleep at the lovely Escarpment Luxury Lodge, which offers an exquisite hideaway on the rim of the Great Rift Valley valley. When you’re sitting in the comfy bar lounge after your safari, enjoying a sundowner or watching the pelicans skim across the skies, you’re still fully immersed in the African bush. The expansive balcony that surrounds the main lodge provides breathtaking views of the gorge, as well as Lake Manyara and the national park that surrounds it. Each cottage has an en-suite bathroom with a bathtub and an outside shower! You will be assigned a personal butler who will be attentive to your every need. Imagine watching the sun set over the hills from the infinity pool overlooking Lake Manyara, while your personal butler attends to your every need while bathing and reclining before diving into a sumptuous dinner in the restaurant. Journey Time: 2 hours to Mto wa Mbu Meal Plan: Breakfast, Local Lunch, Dinner Accomodation: Escarpment Luxury Lodge Tarangire National Park Following an early breakfast, you will leave the park for a game drive to ‘Mto wa Mbu.’ Mto Wa Mbu, a productive farming village, has a population of about 18,000 people. This walk will show you a side of Tanzania that many visitors miss. Mto Wa Mbu is a cultural melting pot; it is one of the few locations in Tanzania where representatives from all 120 tribes live. You’ll get a taste of the village’s social side during your stay, with farms and milling machines, schools, markets, and churches. You will almost certainly visit a local banana farm, as well as a youth art initiative and a wood workshop where talented Makonde tribal people create intricate figurines, masks, and household products. Lake Manyara National Park is a lesser-known and unappreciated park in Tanzania. While it lacks the size and variety of other northern-circuit stops, its vegetation is diversified and appealing. There are a total of 11 ecosystems, ranging from savannah to marshland to Tanzania’s only evergreen rainforest. In the forest, you can observe baboons and other interesting creatures, while near the lake, you can view flamingos (outside of the wet season), pelicans, and other water birds. Birders love Lake Manyara National Park because of the big lake, which allows them to witness over 300 migrating birds. The long-crested eagle, grey-headed kingfisher, and other birds found nowhere else in Tanzania are among them. The park boasts one of the highest biomass densities of large mammals in the world. The prospect of seeing elephant families roaming the jungle, as well as Lake Manyara’s well-known population of tree-climbing lions, is reason enough to be excited. You spend the night in the magnificent Escarpment Luxury Lodge, an ideal refuge on the rim of the Great Rift Valley valley. You’re still fully immersed in the African bush whether you’re lounging in the comfortable bar area after your safari, sipping a sundowner or watching the pelicans glide over the skies. The main lodge’s huge balcony offers stunning views of the gorge, as well as Lake Manyara and the national park that surrounds it. Each cottage has its own bathroom, which includes a bathtub and an outside shower! You will be allocated a personal butler who will attend to all of your needs. Imagine watching the sun set over the hills from the infinity pool overlooking Lake Manyara, while your personal butler attends to your every need while you bathe and recline before delving into a sumptuous supper in the restaurant. Journey Time: 2 hours to the park entrance Meal Plan: Breakfast, Packed Lunch, Dinner Accomodation: Eco Science Luxury Lodge

Day 6

The Serengeti

A Tanzania journey would be incomplete without a safari in the world’s most famous safari park, Serengeti National Park. This park features the most diverse collection of wild species on the planet, as well as a complex and unspoilt ecology. Serengeti means “endless plains” in Maasai, and the Serengeti certainly lives up to that definition. Even the (long) drive to your lodging is a safari in and of itself! The park is typically separated into three regions: the Serengeti plains, the Western corridor, and the Northern Serengeti. The latter is where we may see millions of wildebeest and zebra migrate throughout the Great Migration, following the historic rhythm of Africa’s seasons. This is one of the most spectacular natural events on the planet. Nobody forgets their first contact with the Serengeti, no matter where region of the park or season they visit! Following your wonderful Serengeti impressions, you drive to your accommodation for a delicious dinner and a nice night’s sleep. Enjoy two nights in a luxurious resort amidst the awe-inspiring natural splendor of Serengeti National Park. The 16 custom-made canvas tents at Mbuzi Mawe Serena Camp provide roomy and home-like luxury. They are scattered across the camp’s rocky glades. Each tent is reached by meandering stone paths and stands on a stone platform with its own thatched cover. Your tent has two queen beds, free Wi-Fi, and a private tented bathroom with flushing toilets and hot water. A private terrace outside each tent allows you to enjoy the magnificent beauty of the surrounds, and room service is offered.

Day 7

Game drives in Serengeti National Park

You leave your lodging early in the morning for a full-day safari! This is when Africa can show its cold side, so dress warmly at the start of your day. Your guide will bring you as near to the wildlife as possible. Because few predators hunt during the day, early dawn is the greatest time to witness the thrill of the chase. It’s also a lovely moment, with soft light dappling the landscape, birds rising, and the beginnings of a grand adventure unfolding. Seronera Valley, the Serengeti’s heart, is visited. This valley is frequently referred to as the “traditional” Serengeti, with short grass plains and a variety of wild creatures ranging from the majestic lion to the mischievous mongoose. These full-day safaris are the greatest way to experience everything this gorgeous park has to offer. We will find you a lovely picnic area to enjoy your packed lunch before continuing your safari back to Mbuzi Mawe tented camp for an excellent dinner and some downtime. Then return to the lodge with vivid recollections of the Serengeti Plains. Journey Time: 2 hours to the park entrance Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Accomodation: Mbuzi Mawe Tented Camp

Day 8

Game Drive in Ngorongoro Crater

Today you take a game drive on your way out of the magnificent Serengeti and on to the Ngorongoro Crater. You will go on a wildlife drive in the Ngorongoro Crater in the afternoon! This UNESCO World Heritage Site features a one-of-a-kind environment that has remained practically untouched since the beginning of time. There are very few areas in the world that have such a diverse wildlife population all year. You have a decent possibility of seeing ‘The Big 5′: lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino, and leopard deep within the crater, which is surrounded by towering walls. Other wildlife includes the serval cat, cheetah, jackal, Grant’s and Thompson’s gazelle, flamingo and bat-eared foxes, and over 400 different bird species. After this incredible experience, you will proceed to your overnight lodging. A tiny and unique lodge facing the Oldeani Volcano, barely 5 kilometers from the Ngorongoro Lolduare gate, was established to provide our clients with an authentic experience evocative of bygone eras. Offering 52 room cottages, 49 standard rooms, and 3 suite rooms, all with plenty of space inside, created in the manner of an old colonial farm and rustically adorned with local materials and full of tasteful touches, with the goal of transporting our clients to a bygone era. Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Accomodation: Mbuzi Mawe Tented Camp

Day 9


After an early breakfast, you will be taken to Kilimanjaro Airport. If you’re not ready to leave, extend your vacation in one of our other African destinations. Journey Time: 5 – 6 hours Meal Plan: Breakfast

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Services Included In This Safari


Transport – day 1 to day 9 – in a 4wd Land cruiser with pop-up roof;


Airport transfer on day 1 and day 9;


One-way flight from Kigali to Kilimanjaro airport with Rwandair;


Accommodation as listed in the programme;


Meals according to the programme;


Park-entrance fees according to the programme;


All activities described in the itinerary;


1 Gorilla permit Rwanda per person (a US$ 1.500 per permit).

Free service – no credit card required

Services Excluded from This Safari


International flights;


Entry visa for Rwanda & Tanzania;


Personal (medical/travel) insurance;


Porter to carry your luggage during the Gorilla tracking;


Tips and gratuities to your driver/guide, hotel staff, etc;


All activities that are not mentioned in the programme or activities that are mentioned as optional;


Government Taxes and any increment in park fees;


All expenses of a personal nature (e.g. laundry, souvenirs etc.).

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Please take a look at our sample African Safari below for inspiration. Every Safari you take can be tailored to meet your individual needs. You can choose any number of days. You can choose any departure date. Feel free to choose any experience.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Visa prerequisites
All travellers to Rwanda must have a passport valid for at least six months. Visas are required for all visitors except citizens of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong, Kenya, and South Africa. Tourist visas with multiple entries can be obtained at your local Rwandan embassy or consulate. Visas are normally valid for three months and can be extended in Kigali on a month-to-month basis.
Medical requirements for Rwanda

Before traveling to Rwanda, you must obtain a document demonstrating that you have got a yellow fever vaccination. Furthermore, your health practitioner must document all required immunizations on a certified vaccination certificate. This document must be carried with you at all times during the tour. Malaria prevention medications should be taken by all visitors. We also recommend that you pack mosquito repellent. For the most up-to-date requirements, immunizations, and personal suggestions, always see your doctor or pharmacist!

Normally you need the following vaccinations but please always consult a doctor

-Yellow Fever (you must have this can even be checked on arrival, especially when flying within East Africa)


For Malaria you need to take tablets, Malarone or Lariam. Malarone is mostly used (please always consult a doctor).
Hygiene is not at the same standard as in your home country, so we advise you to bring a disinfectant cream with you. Always drink bottled water instead of tap water.

On arrival
When you arrive at the airport, our guide will be waiting for you. During safari, we use specially designed safari vehicles that allow us to have the best possible view of the wildlife. Luggage space is limited in safari vehicles (and small planes). It is therefore advised to travel with light bags, as heavy suitcases would overburden the plane and may be difficult to transport.
Money information
Money can be withdrawn from an ATM in the majority of cities. Travelers Cheques are not generally accepted, and paying by credit card is difficult or impossible outside of cities. The US dollar has typically been the preferred hard money. We recommend bringing several dollars for everyday costs and tips, and dollar bills should be no older than ten years old.
Currency Information
The Rwandan Franc is the country’s currency. Please check the most recent exchange rates before departing for your trip. This will serve as a guideline. Please keep in mind that you will get a higher exchange rate in larger cities.
AMREF Flying Doctors
We recommend that you apply for a Flying Doctors membership. If necessary, the membership enables a speedy and dependable air evacuation as well as medical assistance. AMREF Flying Doctors provides two covers (Annual and Tourist). You can pick from Maisha Silver (Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar), Maisha Gold (Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi), and Maisha Platinum (Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar) (Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and Ethiopia). Please visit the AMREF Flying Doctors website for additional information and to join.
Language in Rwanda
Rwanda’s official languages are French and English, and the local tongue is Kinyarwanda.
When to visit Rwanda
Rwanda is open all year and can be visited at any time. However, mountain hikes, gorilla tracking, and other forest walks are more difficult during the rainy seasons (March – May and October – November). The rainy season is thought to be the greatest time to visit Rwanda for birders. It rains more frequently during the rainy season, although not every day and not all day.
What Should You Wear in Rwanda?
Daytime temps range from pleasant to hot, so pack plenty of light clothing. Evenings are chilly, especially at high altitudes (areas around Volcanoes National Park and the Virungas), so bring a sweater or two. Mountain hikers will be exposed to alpine temperatures and should dress appropriately. For woodland walks, good walking shoes and sturdy clothing are essential. Because of the dense flora and thorns, gardening gloves come in helpful during gorilla tracking. Remember to pack a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a waterproof jacket. We recommend that you avoid wearing black or dark blue clothing on safari (because they can attract tsetse flies). We recommend that you dress appropriately if you are going on a community stroll or visiting the locals. Women, for example, may wear long skirts and a blouse that conceals their shoulders. We also recommend that you avoid wearing purple clothing. Following the 1994 Genocide, Rwanda “adopted” purple as the official color of mourning.
What to bring during Rwanda Travel ?
A valid passport is required (valid for at least three months after re-entry), and visa requirements for all countries you intend to visit should be confirmed before you travel. We recommend that you bring binoculars and field guides with you to make the most of your visit to the game reserves and national parks. Wildlife photography will necessitate the use of a zoom lens (70-300 or more). Please bring plenty of memory cards with you. Toiletries and other necessities can be purchased in towns, and a torch (flashlight) can be extremely beneficial.
Rwanda Electricity
We recommend that you bring an international adaptor for your electrical equipment. The Western European system is applied in Rwanda. Most lodges allow you to charge your batteries.
Driving in Rwanda
Driving is done on the right side of the road in Rwanda. Visitors who are unfamiliar with African roads are encouraged to travel in a 4WD vehicle driven by a knowledgeable driver/guide rather than self-drive, and all of our guides are properly educated in “Defensive Driving.”
Stopover Points

Please keep in mind that washrooms along the road are not always up to European standards, such as squatting toilets, no flushing toilets, or a lack of toilet paper. T.I.A. stands for This Is Africa, as the people say.

Facilities and accommodations

When traveling on a medium to low budget, bathroom facilities and accommodations may be more basic. Keep in mind that water reserves in eco lodges are limited, and in most cases, there are no plugs in the room, but you can always charge your electronics at the reception.


Tipping is always graciously accepted. In hotels and restaurants, it is customary to leave a tip of 5-10%. Tipping guides, drivers, and carriers is always appreciated. Indication: USD 1-3 for carriers and USD 5-15 for your driver/guide each day, depending on group size, number of days, and your pleasure.

Need More Information ?
The Lonely Planet and Bradt Travel Guide are the most detailed guidebooks for Rwanda. For wildlife, the best guidebook is ‘Watching Wildlife East Africa’ from the Lonely Planet and The Bradt ‘East African Wildlife’. For birding, the best guidebook is ‘birds of East Africa’. It is advisable to get the most updated copy.

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