Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Cost

The number of global visitors to Rwanda schedules their entire trip as part of a pre-arranged travel package, which is the most convenient option.

A gorilla tracking license is an essential expenditure. This gives you access to the appropriate national park and one hour with the wildlife species, escorted by trained ranger advisors.

The gorilla tracker licenses are strictly restricted systems that allow officials to oversee interactions between people and gorillas. While also generating revenue. The gorilla permits are bounded by the frequency of gorilla families and tourists per family.

Every permit has a unique code as well as the personal details of the traveler printed on it. These are non-transferable and non-refundable (unless you have any medical reasons, so a certificate of medical issue is required). Once you purchase your permits, you will be asked to provide your passport.

Most tourists hire a safari service to plan for a driving guide for the length of their trip. The driver will typically meet you when you land at the airport, drive to your hotel, and take you to the beginning of a gorilla trekking trail. Almost every guest will lengthen their trip multiple times with the same driver.

Because the gorilla hike begins early morning, you’ll like to stay close to the national park entrance. We strongly advise that you stay at your resort a day before your hike and stay a second night there. The majority of lodging alternatives are all-inclusive.

The majority of the hotels are publicly owned. Locals own some hostels, and international business people own some hotels. Locally owned businesses are, on average, less expensive. Many are for-profit, while others fund community causes. Within their lodges, high-end hostels frequently invest in corporate social projects. Internationally owned businesses typically have more years in the industry and provide better quality, albeit at a higher cost.

Even though the cost of a rangers guide is included in your gorilla tracking license, tips are always welcome. You’ll also find hiring a man to lift your luggage handy, so budget $10-$20 per person plus a tip.


Gorilla Trekking Permit Cost in Uganda

Permit availability for gorilla trekking in Rwanda 

With ten habituated gorilla families and a maximum of eight visitors in each group, eight permits are allowed daily in Rwanda.

You can purchase your permission certificate from the Board of Rwanda development or a licensed tour company up to two years in advance.

Costs for Accommodation in Rwanda 

Rwanda promotes itself as an elevated gorilla trekking location, evident in the high permit cost and the more extensive selection of best lodging. Rwanda offers its unique mix of excellent fancy hotels and pricey mid-range resorts, so book carefully.

Typical accommodation costs in Rwanda

Low ranged budget: per person 30 USD–50USD per night (depends on sharing).
Mid-range budget: 80USD to 250USD per night per person (depending on sharing)
Luxury Budget: 300USD-3,000 USD per night per person (depending on sharing).
The Rwanda gorilla trekking zone is only two hours away from Kigali, making the gorillas’ trek much more approachable than in Uganda. You can save money on transportation and lodging by taking a short trip. A one-day gorilla expedition in Rwanda costs roughly $1,700 per person. The cost of a two-day gorilla excursion begins at $2,500. A three-day premium gorilla safari ranges from 3,000 USD to 5,500USD per person. The tours include one permit for gorilla trekking, private transportation, an English-speaking guide, lodging, and food. Charter flight and heli transfers are also available.

Gorilla Trekking Permit Cost in Uganda


In Uganda, the reported fee for gorilla permits is USD 700 per visitor, in line tariff from 2020 July to 2022 June. Furthermore, during the restoration time of Covid-19, the Uganda Wildlife Authority has temporarily reduced the price to US$500, Until 3, 31, 2021,

Availability of gorilla permit in Uganda 

There seem to be 114 gorillas accessible 24/7 in Uganda, with 19 domesticated gorilla groups, and a limit of 6 guests per group is allowed. (UWA) Uganda Wildlife Authority or our tour provider Sight View Safaris sells gorilla tracking tickets up to 2 years in advance.

Costs for Accommodation

Uganda seems to have more affordable and mid-range hotel options and many superb luxury hotels than Rwanda. Low ranged Budget: 50USD-70USD per individual each night depending on two people sharing a room. Mid-range budget: 80USD-120USD per night for two people sharing. Luxury ranged budget: 300USD-3,000USD per night per person based on two-person sharing.

The cheapest 3-day costs around 1,200USD per person and includes a permit for one gorilla trekking, personal vehicles, a guide with knowledge of English, housing, and food. A three-day luxury gorilla safari might set you back up to 3,000 USD. Safaris with higher prices must include airplane tickets to an airport and a 30-minute ride to the tracking location.



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