Rwanda Travel Advisory

Rwandan Safari is the most accessible and most manageable gorilla trekking in Africa. After arrival at Kigali, the capital city, there will be a drive of a few hours to see the Wild gorilla families in the legendary Volcanoes National Park.

At that time, on the slopes of Rwanda’s Virunga Volcanoes covered with bamboo, the late Dian Fossey spent his 20 years studying these endangered mountain gorillas; after this, some filmmakers followed and filmed these endangered Gorillas in the haze. 

Now opportune global visitors can practice the wildlife, and outstanding gorilla trekking encounters throughout the stunning Virungas tropical rain forest.

Sometimes the gorilla safari of Rwanda is linked with other Eastern African places like Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. But the environment of hilly Rwanda satisfies the eyes more: moreover, it has a place full of primates, the Nyungwe Forest National Park. There are chimpanzees and a lot of opportunities of watching fantastic birds. On the other hand, Akagera National Park offers viewing in a savannah setting.

Lake Kivu is the beautiful span of water enclosed by Rwanda’s smoothly rolling hills – In fact, Rwandans interact with their homes ‘in the country of the thousand hills because of its rolling sceneries. Kivu is a beautiful spot to take happiness in marine, chimp hiking, hiking, and kayaking.

It is compact, small, and very trouble-free to tour all around; very welcoming Rwanda has faced tragedies in its early days. Rwanda presents to fearless travelers and wildlife fans the same that is usually hard-to-gain awareness about nature, Essential African cultures, and its environment. Please browse our selection of popular tour programs and suggested accommodations. You can contact us for assistance and planning about the Rwandan Safari.

History and Economy

This tiny Central African country is pre-colonial land of kingdoms and cattle-owning; dominant dynasties absconded the ravages of the trade of enslaved people yet was subsequently colonized, firstly by the German people and then by the Belgians. Rwanda gained Independence in 1962. But its history of post-colonial time is full of ups and downs. The genocide of 1994 has been the nadir, yet since then, a nation-state has gone from strength to power and is punching above its weight in local affairs.

Agriculture contributes 40% of the entire country’s GDP and lodging 90% of the labor force, and the agriculture sector dominates the economy. Still, most subsistence farming with a minor surplus. tea and coffee is the example of their Cash crops, and mining of rare metals are also sources of foreign income; however, tourism is a good source for earning foreign money.

Best time to Visit Rwanda


If you have a mission trip to Uganda, then it might be this mission is for the gorilla trekking safari. While it’s considered one of the year-round activities, the dry season is the best time to visit Rwanda, from the start of June to the end of September and from late December to the beginning of February. These months are suitable for the most accessible conditions for trekking, and there is the lowest risk of malaria in these months.

Rwanda and trek gorillas can be visited in other months of the year outside of these two periods, but you must take care that the rainy season could be challenging to go because the paths are muddy and steep. Before starting your trek, you must keep as fit and healthy as possible.

However, the two seasons is the optimum time for trekking in Nyungwe for the chimpanzee. The first rainy season starts from the third week of February to the start of June, and the second rainy season starts from the third week of September to the third week of December. In these seasons, the apes are easier to find. Because food is challenging to get on the dry days of the year, the chimps frequently range far into the internal areas of the forest.

People and Culture


A fertile green land, Rwanda has long been established. With over 11,000,000 people heaving into an area smaller than Belgium, Rwanda is Africa’s most densely crowded country. Its native inhabitants were hunter-gatherers, the pygmoid Twa, who have been displaced by transferring Hutu farmers; now, they make up more than 80% of the country’s population. And there were the Tutsis of cattle-raising who conquered standard power configurations until the Independence. Remember the significance of Rwanda’s historical past, but modern Rwanda probably overlooks such national labels.

The young population in Rwanda is more than 40%, and their age is less than 15 years, and the bulk part of Rwanda’s population is Catholics, closely behind Protestants. The official languages of the country are French, Kinyarwanda, and English. 

Rwanda is generally a quiet, safe, easy, and welcoming country. Drumming is popular music. Here dance leads the national arena, and folk stories and poetry are the substantial oral traditions.

Wildlife and Landscape of Rwanda


Rwanda is also famous as the ‘Land of 1,000 Hills’. Rwanda is a landlocked country, and it is placed literally at the center of Africa. The volcanoes, range of densely forested mountains, rivers, and beautiful lakes, and its unique position in the valley of the Albertine Rift put Rwanda at the heart of the bio-diverse atmospheres throughout the globe. However, most of Rwanda’s hillsides and grassy lands have been turned to attached agriculture. And the bulk of the nation’s animals is restricted to its three reserves.

One of the famous reserves is the Volcanoes National Park, which is the abode of almost half of the continent’s mountain gorillas and Rwanda’s well-known gorilla trekking industry. Forest Nyungwe is a paradise for all other primates and chimpanzees. Akagera National Park is Rwanda’s sole savannah reserve. The life of Birds is prolific all over the country. Around 670 species are recorded in Rwanda.

Best Safaris and Tours of Rwanda

Most of Rwanda’s safaris and tours spin around the gorilla trekking thru the remarkable Volcanoes National Park. Nevertheless, because of Rwanda’s close biological, environmental, and physical ties with bordering Uganda, the mainstream of Rwanda’s planned tours incorporate features involving both countries.

Tracking Gorillas Mountain is not the only activity in Rwanda; other rememberable wildlife destinations here, like the Nyungwe Forest National Park, the primate-packed place, offer eccentric birding and chimpanzee safaris. Which syndicate with gorilla trek Volcanoes National Park. Akagera National Park and Lake Kivu give the opportunity of great hiking, attractive sights, and fantastic canopy tours to Big five game drives. 

Our Rwanda safari and tours have varieties that involve Kenya and Tanzania’s popular and well-known areas: take our services if you want to pool Rwanda gorilla journey along with Serengeti, Masai Mara, or the Tropical Island of Zanzibar?

Best Accommodations in Rwanda


There are two types of holiday accommodations in Rwanda: first, the hotels in the capital city of Kigali; second, the safari tents or camps and lodges mostly found in Rwanda’s reserves and parks, and the most popular is the Volcanoes National Park. Housing here proposes the perfect base to enjoy gorilla trekking: you can expect to spend nights in cozy cottages, fantastic foods, incredible forest sights, and lots of ventures.

We have a collection of top Rwanda lodging that contains luxury and extravagance ranch-style tiny houses, reasonable camps, and trendy town hotels. You can request one of the leading African Safari Authorities for guidance in selecting the appropriate camp or hotel according to your requirements.

Best Places to spend your holidays in Rwanda

  1. Volcanoes National Park. Enjoy watching birds & gorilla treks.
  2. Kigali, the natural access to the gorillas
  3. Lake Kivu is part of Africa’s chain of Boundless Lakes and also offers fabulous shore sides: at the start or end of the gorilla trekking – in the pretty urban area of Gisenyi. You can spend your existing days kayaking, boating, and relaxing since you get the sunlight.

Where to go in fabulous Rwanda


Rwanda is one of Africa’s remote locations. Rwanda is not only packed in adequately unique biota destinations, but it also contains montane rainforests to lush green savannahs; however, its small size indicates that getting among charms can be comparatively speedy and modest.

Rwanda is almost 1.5 times the dimension of the smallest Kruger National Park in South Africa. And it has a 4-hour of drive from Kigali.

To get entrance and exit to the country to enjoy the gorilla trekking in the capital of Kigali is a certain way. People can travel to Eastern Africa’s hubs containing Nairobi or Entebbe. According to the travel plan, the Volcanoes National Park transfers to this compact, safe, vibrant city overnight. You can use the alternative like flying straight from Johannesburg, and it means it could be a stress-free job to enhance your gorilla trek on top of Kruger or Victoria Falls holiday. There are numerous associates in Zambia from Lusaka; if you have now been visiting the lower side of Zambezi or South Luangwa National Park for a walking safari.

Kigali is clean and protected. Residents of Kigali fixed a day every month to enjoy ‘Umuganda Day’ at that day, people compulsory contribute to cleaning most parts of the city. It is reserved very suggestively, and Rwandans are typically defensibly pleased with their capital city. As a means of pollution and combatting litter, all forms of plastic bags are commonly banned in the country.

They are seriously paying attention to security, and you will face security checks at hotels, shopping malls, and airports.

Rwandans never favor negotiating at marketplaces, so you should avoid being desirous of bargaining about Rwanda gorilla trekking cost! Any Dishonesty, corruption, and suborning are measured as really severe crimes.

Two nights and a full day in Kigali will give you an excellent time to enjoy the Genocide memorial, which is uplifting and moving. You can also enjoy the beautiful diversified sights of the city. 

Volcanoes National Park: Gorilla treks and Bird Watching


Gorilla trekking Rwanda prices and information about trekking is the state is vital magnetism and travel towards the Volcanoes National Park Rwanda in Rwanda go on board on trekking. Its hilly topography and thick forests can make your walking conditions challenging, while the compensations will be outstanding: primates, butterflies, and birds are featured, of course, by accustomed mountain gorilla families.

Volcanoes National Park Rwanda has a primatologist Research Station of Dian Fossey’s Karisoke, where she directed a crew to inspect gorillas in the harsh. You can effortlessly assume two hours of trek to her ossuary, which is undoubted – like in Rwanda – is inspiring. The hike is outstanding to look out for forest elephants, archbishops, monopolizes, and an overabundance of bird classes.

There are also some groups of golden habituated monkeys whose clowning is unlimited fun to love. Usually, the Golden monkeys are also threatened, and certifications are required for hiking with them.

It will always mean knowing more about the native values of the region you chance to go to see. Consider a directed communal walk to Iby’Iwacu village, where people can enjoy traditional dancing and the preparation of beer from bananas.

Hikers with serious plans should consider a trek of two days to Form Karisimbi. While this trek is equally challenging, you will probably be pleased with countless birding, unique and attractive places, and the fifth utmost highland in Africa.

Nyungwe Forest National Park: Birds Primates and Chimps


It is defending the ultimate sole area of hilly forestry in Central or Eastern Africa. Nyungwe is the preeminent motivation for visiting Rwanda after the gorilla trek. A remarkable forest filled with butterflies, wild birds, and orchids; there are 13 primate species here– including chimpanzees – makes this park their house and family place.

Besides the exceptional hiking, the precise forest gait is a good technique for recognizing blue-colored monkeys in the canopies.

The Akagera National Park: Savannah Game Viewing


It is located in lower East Rwanda. Akagera is at that place where Central African steamy forests give the way to dry savannahs of Eastern Africa. A required combination of swamplands and wooded grasslands. Akagera National Park in Rwanda is situated where you can get a chance to enjoy the wildlife of Africa, including zoysia, giraffe, elephant, leopard, and a lot of species of antelopes. This is a comparatively small park, and it has approximately a drive of three hours from Kigali.

Besides the Big 5 game’s guided drive, Akagera also provides the facility of sunset cruises, private boat trips, and night drives. Most Big five are gradually reestablished in parks in an aspiring maintenance project. 

Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is along with the border of western Rwanda; it is a substantial extension of water ringed by luxuriant hills that offers excellent canopy walks, chimp trekking, hiking, and bird watching. A single person can stay at Gisenyi, a small urban area on the North shore from where people can go boating or kayaking. Kivu Lake is a calming destination to get over the disorders to relax following your inflexibilities of gorilla hiking.


Best Ways to Discover African Safari