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When you check in to a clean safari lodge, your room will seem like your home with a few exceptions: thousands of foreigners from all around the world sleep in these rooms, and the staff of safari lodges could not manage the same standards of hygiene as you care at your home. Even there are strict guidelines of the state.

Due to the Covid pandemic, safari accommodations and hotels are strictly monitored to follow the standards to protect the guests from coronavirus by cleaning their safari lodge rooms thoroughly. It seems good if someone folds up your towel and manages your bed; however, you are out discovering the African savannah, but the meaning of cleansing, a cleanly made couch does not equivalent to a clean safari hotel room.

According to research, germs are frequently found on light fixtures, tv remote controls, and telephone dials, even in cleaned hotel accommodation, providing alarming proof of what can be lurking when you pitch your safari luggage into a room. Are you ready for soiled sheets, a filthy toilet, or possibly scabies bedbugs? Although a little dirty bathroom flooring is unlikely to endanger your life, an unclean safari lodge room may impact the quality of life; cold sores and gastrointestinal viruses are the most prevalent illnesses.

During your upcoming safari vacation to Uganda, follow the measures below to get clean and safe hotel accommodation and a better night’s sleep. An occupied safari room is not cleaned yet.


How to make your Safari Lodge Area Hygienic


Remove your black light from the room. We have seen videos of individuals using an illuminating black light to examine dark rooms; stains and streaks unseen in the daytime appear in the most surprising and frightening areas. However, it is not necessary to travel with equipment that looks fantastic and leaves dramatic effects on screen. You may do a few different, less obnoxious things to ensure that your safari lodge accommodation is spotless.



The MoH has set standard operating standards in Uganda for safari lodges and hotels for cleaning. Suppose your chosen hotel is on adhering list. Call and ask how the lodge will be protecting you from the latest health scourges.

Read the Lodge Reviews

Published SOPs, location, Price, and name of the brand will not give a complete guarantee of sparkling clean accommodations. So, unless some “clean commission” dispatches zealous inspectors to inspect dust-strewn safari hotel room floors across the region, your best option is to check out what other safari travelers have to say.

Sanitation is a criterion for assessment on most tourism and hotel rating sites. Travel adviser is the leading hotel review site, offering user reviews of hotels, eateries, and enterprises worldwide. Ratings will uncover new secrets such as where to get a nice safari hotel and other information.

Carry Disinfectant Sponges or wipes

Yes, You are paying for maintenance to keep your safari place clean, and I can’t say that I have ever sprayed, vacuumed, or polishing anything in a guestroom, so I can’t blame you for leaving your bathroom brush at your home.

However, if you’re experiencing a little nasty in your dingy economy safari resort accommodation or want to be more cautious, wiping down commonly touched items with antibacterial wipes could prevent you against the coronavirus while also making your life a lot fresher. Cellphones, door handles, toilet door handles, ice trays, TV remote, and washroom tap handles are all essential to sanitize for viruses in a hotel. Another approach is to use UV beams to disinfect germ-prone areas.

Wash Your Hands

To avoid feeling like your mom, I’d want to emphasize that it doesn’t concern me if you eat with your open mouth or if your top is not pulled in. On the other hand, washing hands is closely connected to my heart, as it is to everybody worldwide.

How to disinfect your safari hotel room

Washing hands has been shown to limit the spread of covid-19, chest infections, and influenza, as well as prevent bacteria from entering your eyes, mouth, and nose from anything you’re handling (why is this remote control sticky?). So, even though your safari hotel room isn’t particularly sanitary, a good old-fashioned hand sanitizer will keep the yucky bacteria at bay. Better still, carry a bit of antibacterial soap with you and use when you suspect you’ve come into contact with something poisonous.

Ditch the bedcovers

 Thick bedspreads are rarely washed after each guest in most hotels. If the prospect of an unknown visitor cozying up with the blankets that now spreads over your queen bed gives you the creeps, phone your safari resort and ask how much the staff cleanses the bedspreads or carries your trip blankets and leave the restaurant’s blanket.

Avoid the Mugs and Glassware in hotels. 

There is no assurance that the cleaning crew won’t simply rinse your bedroom glassware and cups under the faucet or wash them with the same sponges used to wipe the rest of the toilet. I know, it’s horrifying!

To avoid this, wash your cup with boiling water for a few minutes before use; this will destroy most bacteria. You can also bring a travel cup from home.

Do You Think I Could Find Bedbugs?

Complaints of fleas in hotels around the globe have been on the rise, partly due to the influx of international passengers. Bedbugs can be seen all over the globe, and they can easily make their way over the ocean in a well-packed bag. Even the most luxurious safari hotels are not exempt. They commonly arrive in overseas tourists’ luggage.

Bedbugs are annoying but aren’t dangerous; unlike lice and fleas, their biting doesn’t spread disease. They’re tiny yet visible to the human eye and look like minute dark red insects or cockroaches. These little scavengers prey at nighttime, and their targets acquire itchy red blotches within 24 hours of being bitten.

Bites of bedbugs are like mosquito bites (and we have a large community of mosquito vectors in Uganda). However, before you scream at the front desk of your safari resort when a red patch forms on your skin, give the lodge the benefit of the doubt and examine your bedroom for other symptoms of ectoparasites if you’re staying somewhere with many mosquitos. Look underneath the mattresses first to see if there are any signs of bedbugs.

Do you observe reddish-brown stains underneath the pillow or anywhere else on the bedding (the dried feces of the invertebrates)?

Although it’s difficult to see the actual bugs, these creatures are cunning, and their flattened shapes permit them to conceal in the tiniest bedding gaps during the day. Some bugs can be seen, specifically if there’s a significant outbreak. It is good to look between the sofa seats, the carpets, and the ceiling.

If you notice any of those indicators of a bedbug outbreak, notify the front desk immediately, and don’t put your luggage, coat, or other things on the beds or near the infection spot. The hotel personnel will most likely be notified of the circumstances and shift you to a different room.

If you have got a bad experience with an obstinate front desk employee, ask to communicate to management or, if required, the safari resort owner.

Given current federal guidelines for hotel cleaning, a guest should never be supposed to pay for a bug-infested bedroom. If the resort refuses to provide you a room shift or a return and you’re positive your bedroom is infected, look for another place to stay and leave comments on your favorite hotel review website. Please favor your fellow tourists and inform them that their payment would be better invested elsewhere.


It’s about staying secure and safe from the most dangerous pandemic in history and avoiding common travel infections while having fun on a once-in-a-lifetime safari trip. You must keep your mask on; please, avoid contact and ensure you disinfect. The open places of savannah and forests are a perfect getaway in post covid lockdown. Our safari travel team has already found the best places to stay, and of course, they’re clean with great deals on the rooms.

If you’d like to sleep in a clean Uganda Safari lodge or if you want help in finding a Safari Uganda Vacations to suit you, we are delighted to support you. Please keep in contact with our Travel team to know the best time to go to Uganda and enjoy your memorable safari in Uganda and East Africa.

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