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The 6 Best Tanzania Parks for The Ultimate Safari

The 6 Best Tanzania Parks for The Ultimate Safari

 it’s a rich culture, unimaginable life, and breathless scenery you’re once; then, you will not feel frustrated with the six best Tanzania safari parks.

Each with its characteristic features, the safari parks in Tanzania take up nearly 40% of the land here, and therefore the country is devoted to protecting and conserving its native wildlife. Tanzania offers safari enthusiasts the prospect of viewing all of the big five, besides innumerable different rare and delightful animals and birds.

The best Tanzania Parks

However, the animals alone aren’t enough to seduce you; Tanzania is additional home to Mount Kilimanjaro, the uppermost point in all of Africa, and over 100 entirely dissimilar ethnic crowds that provide a rich culture to the current vibrant land. It’s impossible not to fall for all that Tanzania offers.

Getting up close in Tanzania’s best safari parks

It had been my first safari, and I needed to experience the best Tanzania safari parks. I’ve elaborated on the most effective safari parks that Tanzania offers below to relinquish you a concept of how unimaginable this country is.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area


I think Ngorongoro Conservation Area is the best Tanzania safari park if you want the total package in one place. Typically considered “The life Eden,” the Ngorongoro Preservation area may be a UNESCO World Heritage site within the northern circuit of Tanzania.

Not solely is it packed with wildlife (and the quantity one place to be in with an opportunity to recognize the vulnerable black rhinos); however, it’s also set in an exceedingly immense volcanic crater. It’s the enormous huge volcanic crater on Earth and has been inactive for many years. You’ll be able to view the cavity from on top. However huge it is. Bring a pair of binoculars; you can spot the wildlife roaming the plains below.

I didn’t see the constant range of wildlife here within the Serengeti; however, the encircling scenery made the sightings so dramatic and beautiful. I left wishing I’d had longer during this unimaginable place and would positively return if I had the chance.

Tarangire National Park


This park is the sixth central park in Tanzania and one among its quietest because of the very fact it’s a bit off the beaten track. If you visit here, you’ll notice a stunning forested landscape coated and acacia trees.

It’s renowned for its migrating herds of elephants that return from around June to October. Tarangire National Park also includes a lake that attracts 250,000 mammals. You won’t find rhinos here however will spot the remainder of the big five, like impalas, wildebeest, and zebras. Once it involves birds, Tarangire has one of the highest numbers of birds in Tanzania, creating it a twitchers paradise. Confirm you bring your binoculars!

You’ll be able to take day or night safaris here, and there’s the choice to take part in walking safaris. The park conjointly provides fly camping, an exclusive practice permitting guests to live in the open. Take a walking tour and finish it by sleeping under the sky with a mosquito net to secure you. If that sounds a bit too courageous for you, then there are alternative options!

Ruaha National Park


If you intend to head south, Ruaha is the safari park for you. As a result, it isn’t on the additional standard Northern safari circuit; it is rarely visited best Tanzania safari parks for remoteness and seclusion.

Ruaha National reserve is the largest in Tanzania and has the sensation of being utterly untouched. Expect to ascertain many lions, elephants, and wild dogs beside spectacular landscapes, rolling hills, baobab trees, plains, and a river. There’s an excellent mix of northern and southern wildlife, so if it’s a touch of everything you’re after, then Ruaha could be a suitable park. Be ready for its exotic feel and distinct lack of tourists!

Serengeti National Park

african safaris tours KIDEPO-National-Park

This park may be a UNESCO World Heritage site and doubtless the foremost renowned and most photographed wildlife reservation in Tanzania. I’m typically a friend of the quiet, untouched spots after traveling; however, I genuinely have to mention that I joined the masses and fell over heels for the Serengeti.

If you are there right now, you will see the enormous Great Migration event, where two million strong wildebeests, along with thousands of zebras and gazelles, stampede across the savannah. We caught the end of the Great Migration, which was impressive even then.

Serengeti National Park demonstrates a tremendous mixture of landscapes and ecosystems, from open grasslands, rocky terrains, beautiful woodlands, and even swamps and lakes for the hippos and birds! It’s home to the very best concentration of enormous mammals in the world, together with the renowned big Five, so keep your eyes peeled, and this might be the place to tick all off. The park is home to a spread of wildlife you will not notice in alternative parks, like eagles, monkeys, honey badgers, Nile crocodiles, and pythons.

Lake Manyara National Park

african safaris tours KIDEPO-National-Park

Ernest Hemingway mentioned Lake Manyara as “the loveliest I have seen in Africa,” and it’s easy to see why. This can be a well-liked stop-off on the way to the Serengeti however may be a spectacle in its own right. Though you won’t notice the big five here, the park boasts various wildlife together, including buffalos, giraffes, hippos, antelopes, and one of Africa’s giant baboon and elephant populations. However, the thousands of flamingos by its soda lake will impress you very much. Bird fanatics ought to conjointly understand the 400 different bird species found here.

We advocate you follow the more popular route and head to Lake Manyara first on your way to the larger safari parks in Tanzania. It’s the right place to start because it is smaller and more concentrated than some larger parks. However, you’ll not appreciate it quite the maximum if you’ve seen the vast plains of the Serengeti or the incredible views before.

Selous Game Reserve

african safaris tours KIDEPO-National-Park

Covering a substantial geographical area of over 50,000 km², with different outer zones, the Selous Game Reserve may be a UNESCO World Heritage site and a fantastic place to visit. It’s way less popular than some of Tanzania’s other, additional famous safari parks, and guests here fancy its untouched nature, naming it one of the best Tanzania safari parks.

It’s in southern Tanzania and is famous for its distinctive wildebeests and diverse endangered wild dogs. Selous Game Reserve is additionally home to an enormous population of buffalos within the whole of Africa, hosting about 150,000 of them here, which is quite double the total buffalo population of Southern Africa. You may additionally realize African bush elephants, black rhinos, hippos, lions, Masai giraffes, Plains zebras, and river crocodiles here.

Tanzania Safari Accommodation

Some alternative ways to book your safari in Tanzania depend on your budget and preference. If you book with a tour company, ensure you specify which sort of accommodation you’d prefer. Most are going to cater to your choice.


Many luxurious hotels in each safari park provide three-course meals, doors, pools and gyms, and views to die for! Serengeti Serena Lodge retains the charm several hotels have lost while still being improbably luxurious!


Your alternative option is to choose a Tanzania camping safari, providing the prospect of inducing significantly up, shut, and private with Tanzania’s unbelievable wildlife. This is the more adventurous option!

 We tend to love the planning of the glamping tents at Zawadi Camp. Imagine sitting beside the fire and being attentive to the sound of the animals looking within the Serengeti – truly magical!

 climbing lions in Tanzania safari parks

If you struggle with options, then this can be a difficult decision! There are 100 tour operators, all giving the original, memorable sounding packages. You could spend all your cash on luxury accommodation, flights over the savannah, and hot air balloon rides at sunrise. You’ll additionally choose to rent an automobile yourself and go it alone.

 We’ve narrowed down the best Tanzania safari tours below.

Attempt to calculate what you’re going for before you get drawn in by the numerous choices available! We’ve narrowed down a number of the most influential African country campaign tours below.

 We extremely suggest Sight View Safaris, primarily based in Arusha. From the beginning of your trip, we are incredible that you have never experienced such high levels of service from the other tour operator. Other travelers highly recommend us. We can tailor-make your whole safari experience from start to finish.

If you’re on a budget, then book this budget safari. We’ve fantastic costs for accommodation and entry into many of Tanzania’s most costly safari parks. It includes all your meals and more – it is an excellent option for the budget traveler! And if you would have a little more time to see the big 5, check our listed tours that are equally sensible and worth for money.

Taking with a knowledgeable guide is unquestionably the simplest and presumably even the foremost pleasurable way of seeing the best Tanzania safari park. You won’t have to be compelled to worry about navigating Tanzania’s rugged roads for long distances. Thanks to the guide’s experience and information from the radio, you may see more wildlife. However, there is invariably an explicit thrill to going it alone that you can’t get from tours.

Sight View Safaris provides car hire besides elaborate steered itineraries and concepts for places to remain on your most well-liked routes to form designing your trip alone as easy as possible. They have thought of it all, so you don’t have to. They even offer camping equipment to rent so that you’ll be self-sufficient!

 Having experienced each, I can honestly say both are amazing and utterly different. You’ll encounter a self-drive/camping safari here to offer you more inspiration for what you’re in for!

Tanzania safari views

So there you’ve got it, the six best Tanzania safari parks. We tend to hope this guide has helped design your trip to Tanzania and that we would like to hear all about your experiences or answer any queries within the comments section below. 



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