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Few events evoke ideas of romance, breathtaking beauty, and a huge sense of exhilarating adventure like an African safari. And for those who have visited the continent and experienced its sweeping landscapes, wild areas, exhilarating animals, absolute calm, and jaw-dropping sense of adventure, Africa entices them to return again and again. A safari captivates, intrigues, befuddles, and enchants, much like a passionate love affair. The desire to do the same, and more, is becoming firmly entrenched in the travelers mind.

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My wife and I spent 28 days touring Africa and Rwanda was a surprise because we were blown away by the beautiful people. Our tour guide, John, was one of the best. Always professional, always with a smile, John was an exceptional representative on Sight View Safaris. His English was very good and his local knowledge was excellent, be it political, social, historical or whatever. His knowledge was very impressive. The Toyota Landcruiser we spent most of our time in was clean and comfortable We were very fortunate to have so many great guides over the month but this one really stood out. It was a couple of hours journey on the day we went up the mountain to see the gorillas, but the journey was full of light and interesting conversation. In the gorilla reserve, John handed us over to the rangers, who were also excellent. We made the hike up the mountain with relative ease and had our amazing encounter with a gorilla family. Clear closer to what we expected! Incredibly say for the end of our time with this incredible company and a beautiful country they made sure we were accompanied by one end of the airport to another to the entrance. Airplane no problems or problems that would not be treated by local professionals. I recommend this tour company, especially if you are with our new friend John! Thanks buddy. Is the best! Branded Havards (Manchester, United Kingdom) The incredible Uganda we had just the most fantastic nights in Uganda, they knew us in Zebbe of Syrill, which was our guide and the driver at all. He was such a lovely guy, so passionate about Uganda, and so knowledgeable. We made the long drive to Kibale and stayed at the Primate Lodge and arrived quite late and were given a very warm welcome. The next morning was our chimpanzee migration, and we couldn’t have been closer to the starting point. Syrill was there to advise us and choose a porter for us. We located the chimpanzees in 30 minutes and then spent an hour tracking 2 males which was a fast and quite difficult pace! See how Syrill is waiting for us when we come back! After lunch we went to the Bigodi Swamp Walk which was interesting and also provides an income for the locals. to see how the locals live. We took baby clothes and stopped to give them to the ladies with babies and they were very grateful to receive them when you leave. Please bring baby and children’s clothes as they are very urgently needed!! We continued to drive through Queen Elizabeth National Park and Syrill found the tree climbing lions for us which was amazing. Our guide is also that he drove us around the country safely, he was professional, very helpful, enthusiastic, he gave us most of the trip, he gave us all the information we asked for and his behavior was multiple times acceptable.

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Michael Paul (United States)

Michael-Paul testimonial

Mark Gallagher (Wales, United Kingdom)

Mark-Gallagher testimonial
Southwest Uganda Tour Our trip with Sight View Safaris was fantastic. Our driver / guide Kizza met us at Entebbe Airport and was with us for the duration of our trip to Kibale, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Bwindi. Kizza was very knowledgeable and friendly, he was great company during our 10/11 days and went out of his way to ensure our trip was a memorable one.

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This was the highlight of our 1 month whirlwind tour of Africa! My wife and I spent 28 days touring Africa and Rwanda was a surprise because we were blown away by the beautiful people, our guide John was one of the best Always professional, always with a smile, John was an exceptional Sight View representative Safaris. His English was very good and his local knowledge was excellent, be it political, social, historical or whatever. His knowledge was very impressive. The Toyota Landcruiser we spent most of our time in was clean and comfortable. We were very fortunate to have so many great guides over the month but this one really stood out. It was a couple of hours drive on the day we went up the mountain to see the gorillas, but the drive was full of easy and interesting conversation. On the gorilla reserve, John handed us over to the rangers, who were also excellent.We made the hike up the mountain with relative ease and had our amazing encounter with a gorilla family – not to mention the proximity, much closer than we expected! Amazing to say the least. At the end of our time with this amazing company and beautiful country they made sure we were escorted from one end of the airport to the other until it was time to get on the plane. Never a concern or problem is not addressed by local professionals I highly recommend this tour company especially when you are with our new friend John! Thank you friend. You are the best!

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Dorothea Schlink (Germany)

Dorothea-Schlink testimonial

Branden Havards (Manchester, United Kingdom)

Branden Havards testimonial
Amazing Uganda We have just spent the 5 most amazing nights in Uganda, we were met by Entebbe Syrill who was our guide and driver at all times. He was such a lovable boy, passionate about Uganda and very knowledgeable. We made the long drive to Kibale and stayed at the Primate Lodge which arrived quite late and was given a very warm welcome. The next morning was our chimpanzee migration, and we couldn’t have been closer to the starting point. Syrill was there to advise us and choose a porter for us. Chimpanzees in 30 minutes and then we spent an hour chasing 2 males which was a fast and quite difficult pace! We are happy that Syrill will be waiting for us on our return! After lunch we went to the Bigodi Swamp Walk which was interesting and also provides an income for the locals. The next day we drove to Kyambura Gorge where we drove through many local villages to see how the locals live.We took baby clothes and stopped to give them to the ladies with babies and they were very grateful to receive them, if you leave please bring baby and kids clothes as they are so badly needed. The national park and Syrill found the tree climbing lions for us which was amazing. Then to Bwindi and the gorillas, which was the absolute highlight of the trip. Gorillas had an almost private viewing. We also visited the Pygmy Village and the Ride for a Woman initiative. Suddenly it was time to go, we were sad to leave Syrill behind, he was a great guide. have the chance to return to this beautiful land one day and thank you Syrill for everything you have done for us

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Pre-arranged private safari It was all an amazing experience touring Uganda. The highlight was the proximity to the gorillas and chimpanzees in their habitat. In addition, our guide is that he drove us around the country safely, he was professional, very helpful, enthusiastic, most of the trip, he gave us all the information we wanted and his behavior was acceptable several times. He did not introduce himself as our guide and took us to a different hotel than the one booked without explanation. We obtained basic information about the country, safety, health, currency exchange / ATM, etc. before leaving. also with the daily briefings, the right information about the activities and he was able to give us as our travel agent his prompt feedback.It ended well, he dropped us off at the hotel, turned off the engine, got out of the car to say goodbye. I usually travel with group tours and have never had an experience like this with a Sight View Safaris. should be higher than the price!

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Guntersweiler (Chur, Switzerland)

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Gary & Jolly Kay (Sheffield, United Kingdom)

Gary & Jolly Kay testimonial
Professional and safe tour operator Booked with Sight View Safaris Traveled on 05/23/2018 06/03/2018 From the meeting at the airport and during our entire trip we had no problems Our driver Kigongo was very professional. and friendly (now we classify him as our Rafiki) Nothing was too much trouble and we decided what to do and see. He was a great driver and very knowledgeable in telling us about the history and culture of Uganda. All about the wildlife in Uganda and some great photos. When our trip ended he dropped us off at The Boma in Entebbe, we really missed it. I highly recommend Sight View Safaris, they were professional, friendly and very safe to travel.When we return to Uganda we will use Sight View Safaris.

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A good and reliable agency if you know what you are looking for. We just spent 8 days traveling west and southwest of Uganda discovering chimpanzees in Kibale Forest, elephants, lions climbing trees and savannah animals in Queen Elizabeth National Park and finally gorillas. in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and we saw over 100 birds there, so the agency made good recommendations, but we are happy to improve it by shortening the trip and shortening the trip to have more time in each location. 2 very nice cabins (Katara and Ishasha Wilderness Camp) turned out to be great. Driver (Kizza) knows his country well Overall thanks to Sight View Safaris for making this amazing trip to Uganda.

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Evra G (Paris, France)

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Juliiana Hearts (Hunstanton, United Kingdom)

Juliiana Hearts testimonial
Wonderful 2 week stay in beautiful Uganda We booked this holiday with Sight View Safaris. From start to finish, it was a unique experience. At the airport we were met by our wonderful guide Kitza, who stayed with us for two weeks. He contributed immensely to the trip with his wit and humor, courtesy, excellent local knowledge and excellent handling. We regret to say goodbye to him on the last day. Uganda is well worth a visit, the wildlife and national parks are breathtaking. Visiting a gorilla is a truly humiliating experience, just like it is for a chimpanzee. People are always welcoming and friendly, and since a percentage of all admission tickets and permits go to locals, you feel like you are making a positive contribution to their lives. Add to that the thrill of kayaking and rafting on the Nile.

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Reliable and very good company! Great guide! For the first time on the African continent for us. We are bird watchers and photographers alike, which is why we chose Uganda to go on our bird watching safari. It was a wonderful experience! It was a private hunt, just the two of us. us with our driver and guide Cyril. He is the best! He did not miss birds and knew everything about these flying creatures. Not only that, Cyril was patient, polite and an excellent driver. Our Toyota LandCruiser is very reliable and well maintained.

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Fernando (Spain)

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Brandon (Wakefield, United Kingdom)

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Another amazing experience. Second visit to beautiful Uganda with this great company. A slightly different itinerary than the previous one that didn’t disappoint. In fact, it was just AMAZING! This time we went to Murchison Falls. fabulous, great animal tracking experience and very accommodating. Nothing was too much for them. It was a very sad day that we had to say goodbye. I love this country and if I ever have the opportunity to return (I hope!) I will not hesitate to use this company.Thank you for the great memories.

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Good this is often a decent agency here. I had a tour from Entabbe to national capital staying at 2 national parks. Syrill drove Maine all the method a good Driver and guide.

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Wise (London, United Kingdom)

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Finn (Canada)

Finn African safari testimonial
Fantastic Company! Good this can be a decent agency here. I had a tour from Entabbe to Kigali staying at 2 national parks. Syrill drove Maine all the approach a good Driver and guide.

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I underestimated how great Rwanda would be! My best friend and I toured East Africa for 3 weeks and included 2 nights / 1 day in Rwanda to do the Gorilla Trek (New Years Eve). in a life experience and no words can do it justice. But what I wasn’t expecting is how fun, friendly, clean, respectful and passionate the Rwandans are. From the moment we arrived it was the complete opposite of Kenya! Our guide, Njoroge, was a wonderful and knowledgeable host, he also had a great sense of humor that was necessary to spend New Years Eve and New Years with 2 Australian girls. He told us that we should have spent at least 45 days in Rwanda. in one day the chimpanzees on another and the main national park on another. I wish we had time to visit the Genocide Museum as the story is not as accurately told in Australia.

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Fisher Isabella (Sydney, Australia)

Fisher Isabella  African safari testimonial

Ethan Axel (Melbourne, Australia)

Ethan Axel African safari testimonial
Trip to Rwanda to see the gorillas We made a short trip to Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas It was an amazing experience and Great Lakes looked after us fantastically Our safari guide (Mupenzi, that was his real name!) the history of Rwanda and we learned a lot from it on our long journey through the mountains.

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THANK YOU Sight View Safaris! How do I start We were in Uganda for 2 ½ weeks, it wasn’t our first visit to Africa, but it was something we were really looking for, gorillas were something new to us, that was the highlight of the trip, but then we met Syrill, our driver and guide the whole time we were there and then the trip became a lot more than just gorilla trekking. I will never forget the many hunting trips we went on just to see a leopard or lion in Ishasa and the unexpected stops at local AIDS awareness organizations, women’s advancement projects and schools. We went with a greater knowledge of Uganda. YOU for the perfect vacation, THANK YOU Mr Syrill, you will always be in our hearts, God bless you from Lisbon, Portugal.

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Albi Atticus (Lisbon, Portugal)

Albi Atticus African safari testimonial

Leon Harry (Washington D.C, United States)

Leon Harry African safari testimonial
Excellent throughout. We took a package tour to Uganda from the US and this is the company that was used. We were 16 of us on the tour. When I first saw the vehicles used, I wondered if they would ever do the tour as they were minibuses. Our guides / drivers, Syrill, were always courteous and courteous and had excellent knowledge of the places we were visiting. Nothing was too much trouble for all of them and we were pampered for every mood when we wanted to stop for photos or make comfort stops. Every evening we had a meeting about the day’s events and information about what we would do the next day. The tour went smoothly. I would definitely recommend this company and their wonderful guides.

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Great guides and great country We were looked after by Sight View Safaris for 2 great weeks, from the moment we landed until we were dropped off at the airport at the end of our stay Our guides Brenda and Syrill were fantastic, incredibly knowledgeable about everything, of wildlife, history and culture and he took great care of us. One of the best travel companies I have had the pleasure of traveling with.

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Lunar Lewis ( Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa)

Lunar Lewis African safari testimonial

Hugo Soren (Canada)

Hugo Soren African safari testimonial
Excellent Really excellent I can only commend this company for what it offers to visitors to Africa who want to enjoy a safari. I have provided a list of what we wanted to see and do during our six days of safaris and safaris with a viewpoint, as well as a timetable that brings back great memories of our safaris, bird watching, trekking to chimpanzees, seeing rhinos and more. guide Kitza enthusiastically talked about her knowledge of animals, birds and vegetation on safari and shared a lot of interesting facts about everything that was never a problem when I ask for small requests like stop at the side of the road to buy simsim or peanuts. One day I asked him if we could taste the jackfruit, and the next day there was a fruit sale in Kizza. met us on the banks of the Nile and cut different parts for us to study. This is just one of the many features that the safari company offers us. to see how we are doing and to make sure everything is in line with our wishes.

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6 days in Zanzibar, arrived from a 6-day trip in Zanzibar, organized by the safaris view of safaris. We are very satisfied and we really enjoyed it. Everything is going well. We spent 2 nights in the city of Steinstadt Emerson Spice and another 3 nights in the Kichanga Lodge. The trips were very good and we are looking forward to it, because it was an unforgettable experience. Thank you, Kizza to organize all this.

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Eli Emmette (London, United Kingdom)

Eli Emmette African safari testimonial

Rudolf Elodie (Germany)

Rudolf Elodie African safari testimonial
Sight safaris were very good We used sight safaris for a family safari to see Kampala which ends in Kigali and includes chimpanzees, gorillas etc. Overall, they were very good. Feedback and adjusted itinerary accordingly. Hotel selection was mostly very good (we guided them based on TA reviews). Vehicle was good although I would encourage them to make sure air conditioning is working (means you can stay cool) without getting bitten by tsetse The guide and driver, Kigongo, was very good in general, he drove very carefully, he was knowledgeable and very punctual, very helpful when asked. Maybe it could have been a little more interactive at times. I would recommend Sight View Safaris.

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Sight View Safaris Scorecard: A + I recently used the Sight View Safaris (in Uganda) company / agents to plan a 3 country safari tour in East Africa and had an amazing experience. unless you are extremely satisfied with the services I received. When planning my trips abroad through a travel company, I value punctuality, responsiveness, general knowledge, flexibility and good customer service. They provided excellent information on the different options within the country for my 3 person tour as I tried to adapt them to our specific needs. They answered questions and requests for local information prior to my arrival in Africa. They were flexible with changes to the itinerary and made necessary adjustments to accommodate changes in local conditions prior to my arrival in Africa (e.g. airline strike) as well as my personal preferences. To Africa, my transition between countries at the end of the safari tour was seamless from start to finish, even though we used various local safari companies to complete the 3 country tour.Overall, I found the Sight View Safaris staff to be professional, responsive and demonstrated excellent customer service skills. I finished my tour knowing I had a great experience in East Africa. I would recommend the company and its agents to plan a safari in East Africa.

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Declan Jayden (Washington, District of Columbia, United States)

Declan Jayden African safari testimonial

Van Leuwen (British Columbia, Canada)

Van Leuwen African safari testimonial
Fantastic accommodations and guides I traveled with Sight View Safaris, the ground operator. It was a 16 day experience that will be the highlight of my life. Our guides, Syrill and Gerald, were absolutely amazing – knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions about the wildlife, life in Uganda, the geography, whatever. Our accommodation was superior and well located to enjoy this wonderful land. Syrill and Gerald took great care to ensure that we saw and experienced most of Uganda in our short time there. When I arrived in Africa my transition between countries to complete the safari was seamless from start to finish, although we used different local safari companies to complete the tour of the 3 countries. Overall, I found the staff at Sight View Safaris to be professional, responsive and demonstrated excellent customer service skills. I finished my tour knowing I had a great experience in East Africa.I recommend the company and its representatives to plan the safari in East Africa.

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Some of the reviews of Safaris View View safaris and point out an excellent tour of Lee, with interest that they were far from courtesy. We had a very different experience. We have our Gorilla in Rwanda through these companies surveillance and we were very satisfied with the service. They delivered from start to finish. We were lucky Rony as our driver / leader. It was fast and polite and made conscious efforts to meet our needs and interests. We had, for example, we would like to walk and so he organized some at the foot of the next day sightseeing. Well, after learning that we had a general interest in bird watching, it would be the vehicle to stop every time he also spotted the birds nearby, he has us with information about them as well. As a way to take pictures. Rony was a very nice host and we enjoyed his company. It was a secure driver and the vehicle was comfortable and in very good condition.

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Edmonton (Stutguard, Germany)

Edmonton African safari testimonial

Paul Jonas (Germany)

Paul Jonas African safari testimonial
Terrific Tour Company Three friends and I did a 4 day tour with Sight View Safaris in Rwanda in February, mainly to track gorillas. We were very satisfied with the quality of the service received. and well equipped vehicle. The guide, Kizza, was knowledgeable and professional. He was flexible, and once he figured out our interests he went out of his way to accommodate them. He was considerate and attentive and we really couldn’t have asked for more.

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Our driver Syrill made this a 3. Without him it was a 1. We booked our chimpanzee trek from Kampala (3 days / 2 nights) through Sight View Safaris before leaving U. The email correspondence with Brenda and Kizza was very quick and professional. My husband and I were on a tight budget, and while we found the chimpanzee walk a little more expensive (chimpanzee viewing permits are $ 300 per person, plus driver, vehicle, room and board), did we think it would be $ 1700? Well worth it based on what our friends have said about chimpanzees. Kizza emailed an itinerary and we loved it – Syrill, our driver, also picked us up from the airport after we arrived on the next flight. It was very beautiful. Although we asked to meet with other visitors we were the only ones on our trip so we got to know Syrill very well, he was an excellent guide.We drove from Kampala to Fort Portal which took about 7 hours to get to Kibale National Park (where the chimpanzees live). We can highly recommend this safari company.

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San Diego (California)

San Diego African safari testimonial

Charlotte Emiria (Germany)

Charlotte Emiria African safari testimonial
There is no better way to spend an afternoon What an important look at life in Kampala. Syrill took us on a wonderful tour of the Bwaise community in northern Kampala. This organization was started by committed men from the community and was run by your neighbors. We analyzed the water problems, the vocational training and the new school for more than 150 students. We also met a number of local people and their children. You have high hopes for the future. A personal trainer spoke of being “lifted”. I loved that. For those who do not live here, it is very important to see that wonderful people are working hard to find a life and a family in a very difficult environment.How can we be part of the life of those who live in completely different circumstances? Just make sure you stop by. Your contribution to the Walk supports work and school. I can’t think of a better way to spend a few hours.

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ONE OF THE MOST MEANINGFUL DAYS OF MY LIFE Today become one of the maximum memorable, meaningful, amusing and enlightening days of my lifestyles. We took the slum stroll with Kizza as our guide. We commenced out purchase shopping for rice and sugar to convey to households that we go to alongside the manner. Syrill grew up on this vicinity and he’s famous some of the humans in the slums. He is aware of in which humans are in want the maximum. Although all of us is in want of a few help, they’re a satisfied way of life complete of smiles. The kids are simply lovely and maximum are very excited to look you. I loved each closing minute of the stroll as records is supplied all alongside the manner. You will examine what a “flying toilet” is amongst one hundred different things. There isn’t anyt any manner to provide an explanation for simply how a lot your personal lifestyles will experience enriched from this experience. The $35 excursion lasted the entire afternoon. This is NOT simply seeing a way of life on display. You will examine all approximately how the venture to help those humans become based and such a lot of fantastic extras which you might now no longer even suppose to invite approximately. This is a completely touching and really shifting stumble upon with a completely true way of life. Please observe that because of the vicinity, they’ve troubles with net server. Emails can be returned. If you name and listen elevator music, which means it’s miles ringing, hold calling back. Syrill will name you while he sees he ignored a name. Office smartphone range can also additionally come up with a disconnected computerized message. Keep attempting the mobileular range indexed on website. It is properly really well worth the effort. If I ought to provide it ten stars, I might. THANK YOU SIGHT VIEW SAFARIS!

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Maximalian Emil (Germany)

Maximalian Emil African safari testimonial

Lars Anders (Stockholm, Sweden)

Lars Anders African safari testimonial

Educational visit
I visited the Kampala slum with them and the go to turned into very very instructive. Kizza turned into my manual I turned into inspired via way of means of him, he is very knowledgeable, kind, supportive, fair, in a single phrase definitely good. I definitely advise a Kampala excursion ride with Sight View Safaris, it’s a very good manner to go to a town and additionally assisting people. Highly Recommended!

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An unforgettable experience with Slum Walk has given us an impressive view of the daily lives of many people living in the edge districts of Kampala. Our Roger Guide, who grew up in the area, gave a complete image and showed many charity projects that view safaris views. In the zone. Many thanks to Rogers and the entire team for his extensive explanation. We recommend this ride and experience for anyone who visits Kampala.

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Astrid Maja (Sweden)

Astrid Maja African safari testimonial

Mateo Liam (Italy)

Mateo Liam African safari testimonial
Magical Uganda I booked two tours on behalf of my clients. Syrill was quick to respond to emails with suggestions for the best hotels in Uganda. Kampala Walking Tour and Entebbe Tour were amazing. The icing on the cake was that Syrill spoke Spanish to them. I highly recommend this tour operator.

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Fantastic time! I really enjoyed our time with Kampala Slum Tours! We went to the Fort Portal and even if it is far away from Kampala, we enjoyed it from start to finish! Syrill had found a great hostel to stay. In and through the connections of your company, you can also experience as many activities and locations for a short weekend. I recommend you to travel with Kampala View safaris while Sirrill make sure you see everything and do everything you wanted!

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Leah Chloe (Finland)

Leah Chloe African safari testimonial

Aurelia Mia (Colombia)

Aurelia Mia African safari testimonial
Perfect for your tour outside of Kampala! During my stay in Uganda, I went to two separate trips organized by the safaris view of safaris. One for the Bunyonyi lake and one at Fort Portal.both was really pleasant and personal, and took me to stay in the ecological accommodation with solar energy, which I would never have found on my own fantastic possibility to travel with a budget! Syrill is well connected and will do this to get the best in what you are looking for, and he is also a great company!

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Excellent strolling excursion to revel in the actual Kampala I did the six-hour strolling excursion beginning on the put up workplace and finishing at Kabaka’s palace, approximately eight kilometres altogether. Shamim became my excursion manual and she or he did without a doubt super taking me at an clean tempo alongside all points of interest of downtown Kampala, the Nakasero and Owino markets and the antique taxi park being the maximum annoying however remarkable due to the neighborhood feel. The Hindu temple, the Gaddafi mosque and the Royal Mile have been additionally very worthwhile. Well, too many stuff to mention. Kizza defined loads approximately the history, tradition and traditions of Uganda and the Ugandans and replied my questions patiently. We had enough time for lunch in among and attempted banana and cassava pancakes on the Owino market, too. Kizza became so pleasant as to ship me the pleasant pix she had taken at some point of our strolling trip. Thank you a lot Kizza. I especially advise Sight View Safaris.

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Levi (Netherlands)

Levi African safari testimonial

Daan Julia (Holland)

Daan Julia African safari testimonial
Magical Trip to Uganda My son and I spent weeks experiencing the magic this is Uganda and we are able to in no way neglect about our time there. Truly a valuable experience. I should speak approximately the ones reviews for pages — the pleasant people, the stunning Nile River wherein we did whitewater rafting, the 2 lions we noticed in a tree, the elephant who instructed us to back-off a bit, the chimpanzee organization w/whom we spent a morning, and the majestic mountain gorillas who allow us to into their network for a visit. And on and on. I am so lucky that I observed Sight View Safaris. I labored intently w/the owner, Syrill, to put together a time table that changed into custom made for me and my son. He changed into a satisfaction to paintings with and did now no longer get flustered even if I needed to extrade the entire itinerary on the remaining minute. Then there has been Kigongo who changed into our fearless manual at some stage in our trip. A authentic animal lover, Kigongo had an encyclopedic information of Uganda’s wildlife. He changed into professional, responsive, and amusing to be around. A brilliant navigator! And I can’t neglect about Brenda, who brought us to the scrumptious Rolex in Entebbe. They had been a satisfaction! An all-spherical top notch company w/superb people, I can’t advise Sight View Safaris enough!

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Riding Covid 2.5 Unforgettable Weeks In November 2020 the two of us traveled to Uganda in a 4 * 4 Jeep and considering the difficult time we are all in, we are particularly happy with the service we are experiencing. If you have a negative COVID19. test beforehand, you can easily travel to Uganda. During our trip we felt very safe: all employees wore masks, when you enter buildings (huts, banks, etc.) or parks you have to disinfect your hands and they will take your temperature. In general we felt safer than in Europe because everyone was very careful about our health. But let’s talk about the experience: we traveled to the north (Kidepo National Park) which we highly recommend.The number of animals (mammals, birds) is spectacular. We also did Murchinsons, Queen Elizabeth (including Ishasha Sector), Chimpanzee Habituation and Nkuringo where we tracked gorillas in the Rushaga Sector This trip was unforgettable Our guide made sure we enjoyed it to the fullest He was very professional and was able to answer all of our questions about animals, history and land. As tourism is low at the moment, we were pampered even more by all the staff in all the hostels, which made our experience even more special. We highly recommend traveling to Uganda now as it is one of the most amazing experiences you can have in your life.

About Sight View Safaris:

From the reservation (where we could bring in our contributions and wishes), through the payment, the tour guide during the trip to the COVID test up to the conclusion, we experience a highly professional service efficiently solved. For example, we had a damaged car (due to the rainy season, some roads were very bad). We made it to our hostel that day at night and were able to continue with a new car the next day.We had no negative impact on our trip, even if this could have been a big problem Nkuringo Walking Safaris around this beautiful country to experience to the fullest.

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Sarah Moon Bartolozi (Italy)

Sarah Moon Bartolozi African safari testimonial

Sem Mees (Finland)

Sem Mees African safari testimonial
Amazing 7 day gorillas and chimpanzee follow-up and QENP My husband and I had a week of vacation which isn’t much given all the things we wanted to do / see. Sight View Safaris organized our trip to make the most of this week. The trip was perfectly organized. The time management was perfect. They were flexible and helpful, all of our needs were met and we felt heard, it was a truly personal experience. Our guide (Syrill) was amazing, he was knowledgeable, very informative and very flexible too! He also went out of his way to make sure we experienced the things we were interested in. We are very happy with Sight View Safaris and will recommend it to friends and family.

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An Amazing Way to See Uganda For part of our trip we hiked through the mountainous region of Uganda, from Gahinga to Bwindi, past Mutanda Lake and Nkuringo. During this part of the trip we were accompanied by our wonderful guide (Muhavara), Kizza knew it. especially the native animals, plants and trees, the communities, the history and the culture of the country. He’s fun and friendly and looked after us incredibly well. I can really recommend this way of exploring the region.

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Brad Peterson (Texas,United States)

Brad Peterson African safari testimonial

Van Bram and Hendrika (Netherlands)

Van-Bram-and-Hendrika African safari testimonial
We would like to thank our great guide Musoke, and Sight View Safaris for our amazing 15-day safari. Like the Sight View Safaris motto says, “Feed your Eyes with the Beauty of Nature” it was an experience we’ll never forget. Thank you for everything!!

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Africa was never one of those destinations that we had to visit. My family arranged the trip for us to enjoy our honeymoon in Africa and after returning home, we can’t wait to go back! Sight View Safaris were so fantastic and could not have possibly done anything more to make our trip simple the best I’ve done so far. I travel yearly and have visited every continent – we’re desperate to return and have Sight View Safaris arrange another trip for us. Our guide was fantastic, the cars are great, the accommodation was just breathtaking and the food was so fantastic! Africa has given me a different perspective on the world and life, and I really do thank our tour guides for helping this to happen.

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Linda and Carleo (United States)

Linda-and-Carleo African safari testimonial

Piero and Adelina (Italy)

Piero-and-Adelina African safari testimonial
Choosing Sight View Safaris for our 21 days’ safari in Uganda proved one of the best choices we ever made. This company is not making mass tourism packages and this was clear and obvious to our safari program that was tailor made to our needs. Our driver was very flexible and ready to change the itinerary according to our interests and expectations. He was there with us to explore and discover the beauty of his country. All the lodges were as we expected to be, in great places with nice views and relaxing lounges. Only one phrase is passing our minds when we heard the words Uganda – Sight View Safaris PERFECT CHOICE FOR AFRICA SAFARI.

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We went on safari with Sight View Safaris in August 2015. We cannot rave enough about what a fantastic experience this was. Easily one of the most memorable experiences of my life filled with memories that I will treasure for years to come. I have been on many tours before but none come close to our fantastic experience with this company. To anybody considering doing a safari in Uganda – contact Sight View Safaris – you won’t regret it!

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Amy (Australia)

Amy African safari testimonial

Andrea and Carola (South Africa)

Andrea-and-Carola African safari testimonial
This was our fourth visit to Uganda and our second time with Sight View Safaris. The reason for us to choose Sight View Safaris again… because they are the best. From the moment we arrived we felt warm and welcomed. Again we were impressed by their professionalism and extreme knowledge about the nature, the people and country. We stayed in fantastic lodges and saw lots and lots of animals. Their capability to spot animals is so unique, that most of the times it was only us with no other cars around us. We can’t wait to come back again!!!

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Thank you for organizing such a wonderful trip for us. Everything was so well arranged and went so smoothly from our pick up from Entebbe Airport to our safari destination. You looked after us very well. We had such a great time on safari. Thank you for asking Isaac to be our guide. He was so knowledgeable and also great fun for the boys. It really was sad when we said goodbye at Entebbe Airport. You arranged such a memorable holiday for us, we are happy to share about our wonderful experience with Sight View Safaris.

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Katlyn and Parker (United States)

Katyln-and-Parker African safari testimonial

Isabella and Gary (USA)

Isabella-and-Gary African safari testimonial
When traveling to Uganda, there are many choices for safari companies but the service and experience provided by Sight View Safaris cannot be matched. From the moment we landed to the time we left Uganda the Pearl of Africa, Sight View Safaris took care of us. Syrill was extremely knowledgeable and eager to share his love for nature and his country with us. We saw more animals than we ever thought possible. Whenever we look back on our honeymoon, we think of him and smile. He made us feel like “Abenganda” (family). In our opinion, there is no other way to experience the beauty and wonder of Uganda than with Sight View Safaris.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Which airlines offer access?
East African’s Airport has the following airlines: Egypt Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Kenya Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Brussels Airlines, South African Airways, Fast Jet, Fly Dubai, RwandAir, South Supreme Airways and Fly-SAX.
Can I fly internally?
If you are on safari in East Africa, you can fly internally. Some safari destinations are connected by scheduled flights, while others are reached by charter flights. Feel free to tell us if you prefer a flight over a car trip or a mix of both.
How does the road network look like?
Primary roads in East Africa are tarmacked, but secondary roads are of varying quality. Be prepared for long, bumpy rides.
Do you provide Travel Insurance ?
We do not offer travel insurance to our clients. It is the client’s responsibility. Clients should have adequate travel insurance that includes evacuation coverage during the tour.
Is it necessary for me to carry medication?
Please bring all necessary personal medications. Medical services and facilities are basic. It is recommended that you take malaria ‘prophylactics’ (prevention medication) as well as carry a mosquito repellent. Make use of the mosquito nets that are offered at your lodging. For more information, see your doctor before traveling. Adventure sports like as mountaineering and hiking, gorilla trekking and chimp tracking, white-water rafting, canoeing, and kayaking may bring significant dangers and should be conducted with care and caution.
Is it necessary to get vaccinated before going on a safari?
A number of vaccinations are recommended and/or required. As of 2016, most East African countries required confirmation of yellow fever immunization. Immunizations against DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Polio), as well as Hepatitis A, meningitis, tetanus, and typhoid. Consult your own country for information on vaccination and immunization requirements.
Is it safe to drink tap water?
Drink bottled water, which is available in safari cars and accommodations. Don’t use tap water.
Is a visa required to enter any East African country?
Before entering any East African country, you must obtain a visa. Single entry tourist visas (typically three months) are available on arrival at airports and cost between USD $50 and $100 at land crossings – please mention explicitly that you require three months or else you will be given two weeks but you must apply online before your trip. Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda now have a single East African visa that costs $100. Your passport must still be valid for at least six months. For more information, contact the airline or your travel agent. The majority of East African countries adhere to a policy of reciprocity (if your Country requires a Visa for Ugandans to enter, Uganda will impose the same). You will be notified of any changes in Visa restrictions.
Can I use my debit or credit card?
You can withdraw money from ATMs and use Visa credit cards in any East African country, although there is a daily withdrawal restriction. Banks are available in major towns, although it may be difficult to find one once you begin your safari. You should notify your bank before using your card abroad to avoid having it blocked. Some places may not accept credit cards for payment, and in those circumstances when they do, there may be a 5 – 10% surcharge. East African countries no longer accept traveler’s checks.
Can Master Card be used?
Master Card is accepted in very few places in East Africa. Consider carrying cash that you can exchange when you arrive. Cash will be exchanged in banks and Forex bureaus. Please keep in mind that US dollar bills issued prior to 1999 are NOT recognized in Uganda. Bills issued prior to 2006, as well as small denomination dollar bills (anything less than a USD 50 bill), are subject to a lower exchange rate.
Does East Africa appear to be safe?
Most East African countries are generally safe, but like with any other country, occasional security difficulties may develop, therefore basic measures should be taken. Do not leave bags or money unattended, and do not wear expensive jewelry.
How far in advance should I book my safari?
If your safari involves gorilla and chimp trekking, book as far in advance as possible – 3 months is recommended. The permits for gorillas and chimps are booked and paid for at the same time.
What is the best way for me to pay for my safari?
The majority of our customers pay via wire transfers or credit cards. Bank information is accessible upon request. After approval, credit card payments can be made, however there will be a 5-8 percent surcharge. Please keep in mind that the availability of accommodation and permits is not assured until Sight View Safaris officially confirms the safari. Reservations for lodging, permits, and activities will be made as soon as money is received on our account. Please keep in mind that any bank fees are the client’s responsibility.
What kind of safari vehicles does Sight View Safaris use?
Sight View Safaris provides 4WD safari vehicles with a ‘pop-up canopy’ for wildlife viewing. The 4WD vehicles are either minibuses or Land Cruisers, and we make certain that everyone gets a window seat to experience the greatest views. We limit the number of passengers in the minibus to seven, while the number of passengers in the land cruiser varies based on size, with seven, five, and three being the most common. This allows for ample of legroom and luggage storage. Groups of twelve or more who want to travel in a single vehicle use the 25-29 seat Coaster buses, which feature around 16 window seats.
Do you cater to those with unique dietary needs?
We take care of your dietary preferences as far as the hotels comply, which is typically good if you let us know ahead of time so that we can make the required arrangements with the various lodges on your itinerary. When your driver-guide arrives at the lodge, make sure he or she contacts reception.
How can I contact with my family while on safari?
Most regions in east Africa have international phone service, and local SIM cards can be acquired. There is international roaming available. Internet cafés provide a wide range of internet services, albeit the quality and speed of the connection vary. Wi-Fi is available in some resorts. All of our drivers/guides have cell phones and stay in touch with the office throughout safaris.

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