Uganda Chimpanzee Trekking

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Kibale Forest National Park is one of the most beautiful Uganda safari parks. It is a great place to do Uganda chimpanzee trekking because of the various tracts of tropical rainforests and the variety of animals that can be found there. The Uganda Safari Park encompasses 795 km2 of a rain forest, swamps, rivers, a few patches of grassland, and a few small lakes.
It is home to more than 1,450 Uganda Chimpanzees who are protected within the park and thirteen different primate species in total. Children must be 12 years old or older to track Uganda Chimpanzees; if you have children under 12, they can participate in an educational forest walk with an adult.
It will take you on a chimpanzee trek through the Kibale forest during this three-day Uganda safari chimpanzee trekking safari. Trekking opportunities are available twice a day, either in the morning or in the afternoon. After locating the chimps, you are only allowed to spend a maximum of one hour with them before you must leave.

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Activities In This Adventure Traveling African Safari

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Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale National Park
Community Walk in Bigodi Swamp

The story of your Uganda Chimpanzee Trekking!


Day 1

Entebbe Airport – Entebbe

We depart from Kampala for Safari Uganda, where we will go Uganda chimpanzee trekking in the Kibale forest. Upon arrival at the airport or hotel, your driver-guide will meet and greet you and transport you to your Uganda Safari lodges. During your drive through the countryside, take in the breathtaking landscapes, historic homes, and glimpses of the many different and striking bird species that can be found there. Consider stopping for lunch in Fort Portal Town, known as the “tourism capital of Uganda” due to the beautiful landscapes and attractions it offers. Upon arrival in the Crater Lakes region, you will check into your hotel for the night.

Journey Time: 4 Hours
Meal Plan: Lunch & Dinner
Papaya safari lodge
Primate lodge
Chimpanzee guest house


Day 2

Entebbe – Kibale Forest

Immediately following breakfast, your driver-guide will transport you to the briefing location, where he will hand in your registration information and permits, as well as the allocation of chimpanzee communities to trek. Once assigned to a chimpanzee community, your ranger guide will lead you on tour, searching for this great ape, which will take several hours to complete. You will take a look at the chimpanzees in their natural environment as they feed, play, and rest from the forest canopy branches high above the forest floor. Take a stroll through Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary in the afternoon. Butterflies, plants, animals, and spectacular birds such as the Great Blue Turaco and rare Papyrus Gonolek will be found in abundance in reserve, making it a haven for nature lovers and birders alike. The swamp is also home to elusive animals such as Red Colobus monkeys and Sitatungas, only in small groups.

Day 3

Kibale Forest

We hope you had a wonderful time on safari in Uganda, taking in the beautiful scenery and watching the Chimpanzees in their natural habitat in Uganda chimpanzee trekking. Observational Perspective After breakfast, your Safaris driver guide will transport you to Kampala or Entebbe international airports.

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Your African Wildlife Safari Details


Great way to explore the African wildlife

Transport is provided in are Toyota 4wd Land-cruiser, Mini-Van with pop-up roof for excellent game viewing.
IN addition to this private 4×4 custom built safari vehicle you will be accompanied by a highly experienced driver, which allow to you see the best of what the Uganda wildlife has to offer.

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Responsible African Safari

Responsible African Safari In Uganda

Uganda is rich in natural and cultural resources. However, many of its citizens live in abject poverty, with electricity and running water still in short supply in many parts of the country. The promotion of responsible tourism in Uganda is one method of reaching the country's largely rural population and assisting them in conserving their lands and the wildlife that coexists with them. Gorillas, like everyone else, require our assistance - whether it's to protect them from something as minor as a common cold or something as monumental as oil drilling.
Being in Uganda can feel like such a privilege at times... It's difficult not to feel overwhelmed when you're surrounded by spectacular volcanic landscapes, wildlife that many of us grew up dreaming of seeing with our own eyes, and some of the continent's most friendly, welcoming people who make you feel like a VIP wherever you go. Uganda does everything in its power to accommodate visitors, and as visitors, we owe it to ourselves to try to reciprocate this generosity in some way.
Even though the country is extraordinarily rich in terms of biodiversity and culture, it remains economically impoverished. In Uganda, more than 80 percent of the population lives in rural areas, with the vast majority of them employed as subsistence farmers. Throughout the years, the country has been battered by military coups, murderous dictators, HIV epidemics, and the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), a guerilla army led by Joseph Kony that waged a nearly two-decade-long insurgency in the country's northern regions. However, even though these events are no longer taking place, their consequences continue to be felt in poverty rates, illiteracy, lack of access to education, inadequate infrastructure, and orphaned children. Even though Uganda appears to fit the "poor but happy" narrative that so many travelers adore, complete with beaming faces, energetic dances, and excitable children, it's worth doing some research on the country's history, speaking with your tour guide, and learning more about the realities of daily Ugandan life before being sucked in quite so quickly by those winning smiles.

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When you book your Uganda Safari Vacations tour with Sight View Safaris – to any of our destinations – Sight View Safaris will donate 50% of its profits got from the tour and support the projects of its charity organization that supports Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Single H.I.V Infected and Affected Mothers, Left out Youth, Abandoned Elderly people standing on their 2 own feet by attaining vocational skills and formal education, so as to improve on the standards of living, so with this strategy, you transform indirectly the poor dependents people to inter-dependent, making this world safe for the next generation.

Services Included In This Safari


Chimpanzee tracking permit


Bigodi wetland walk


Ground transport


Bottled water


Full board accommodation for two nights


Service of an English-speaking driver guide


All mentioned activities except for the optional ones

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Services Excluded from This Safari


Extras at the accommodation i.e. drinks, telephone, laundry etc.


Tips to porters and driver/ guide




What to bring


Rain jacket


Water proof hiking shoes


Trousers and long sleeved shirts


Insect repellent


Sun hat

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Travelling to Uganda

From Europe and America, you can travel to Entebbe in Uganda both by the African towns of Addis Ababa, Kigali or Nairobi or through the Middle East, passing through Dubai or Doha.

Uganda culture
As in several African nations, it’s common for Ugandans to exchange warm welcomes before starting into the subject of discussion. To be kind, you should adhere to this cultural tradition, even if you’re requesting a stranger on the road for ways. Public displays of love are viewed as impolite in Uganda: so restrain your desire towards your companion. Ugandan women tend to wear conservatively, covering long clothes and skirts that hide their knees.
Languages in Uganda
Uganda has 43 languages, Luganda is the common broadly spoken, and Swahili and English are the official languages. Most cultivated Ugandans talk English, and in sightseer destinations, most utmost people will speak English.
Is Uganda safe?
Uganda is ordinarily a secure and calm country, but few points are to be knowledgeable of. When in cities and towns, use the equal care that you would everywhere; don’t display your valuables, be conscious of your bag when you’re in full areas and don’t forget valuables in your vehicle. Be mindful when you’re walking or driving in darkness. Avoid political displays in cities. Travel carefully if you’re travelling near the frontier with South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, as there have been extreme conflicts in the region.
Changing money in Uganda
Uganda’s money is the Ugandan shilling. US dollars are broadly admitted for hotel activities, park access payments and safari activities. The dollars need to be more modern than 2003 and have no cuts on them. Uganda is a cash nation: many resorts and restaurants in Uganda don’t receive credit cards, and payment for park expenses and grants are in cash, so always have sufficient cash with you. There are ATMs positioned in towns over the country, but if you’re moving to isolated regions, it’s good sense to go with sufficient cash to pay for everything you will want.
Shopping in Uganda
Kampala, Entebbe and Jinja have the widest choice of artworks, handicrafts, curio stores and shops. In Kampala, Exposure Africa is the biggest craft “community” in the town, where you’ll encounter everything from wooden carvings to sandals, baskets and ornaments. In contrast, the Friday handicraft fair on Ggaba Road is a famous spot to browse handcrafted arts sold by artisans. A buying highlight in Kampala is Banana Boat, with three distinct sections, where you’ll discover upcycled paper goods and jewels and other wonderful arts. In Entebbe, there’s the Entebbe Crafts Village with 20 stalls retailing ornaments, dresses, sculptures and memorials, and numerous additional curio stores. In Jinja, attend Kilombera Workshop for cotton textiles or browse footpath stalls for sandals, handbags, drums and portraits.
Visa requirements and fees

Most utmost visitants will be required to obtain a visa for Safari to Uganda. You managed to obtain a visa on landing in Uganda, however this is no longer the situation. You presently need to ask for an electronic visa online before your journey. Go to to demand. A single-entry visa costs US$50, and a six-month multiple entry visa costs US$100.7
If you’re travelling to Rwanda and Kenya on the same trip, then apply for the 90-day multiple-entry East African Tourist Visa, which includes all three countries and charges US$100.

Health and emergencies
To stay healthful in Uganda, you should take bottled or treated water and avoid having any unpeeled fruits or vegetables. If you consume street meat, make sure that you purchase it from an occupied vendor and have a high meat turnover to guarantee that it’s good, and observe that the meat is prepared in your presence. Uganda has a high risk of malaria. You should get antimalarial medicine and limit mosquito bites by applying repellent on your skin and dresses, using long clothes and shirts in the early morning and evenings, and napping under a mosquito net.
Health care system
Uganda has both government and private healthcare amenities. Government healthcare offices are understaffed and require medical supplies and medications. Suppose you have a health difficulty or medical danger. In that case, you should attend a private clinic or hospital, where you’ll be required to compensate for your medicine and later receive reimbursement by your travel insurance.
Medical emergencies
If your medical emergency is not severe, then get to the nearest city and try to find a private clinic or hospital. For more severe emergencies, unless you’re in Kampala and can reach a private clinic, you need to reach a medical evacuation service (such as MAF on +256 772 777 208), which will carry you by plane to the closest private hospital for treatment.
Food and tipping in Uganda
Tipping in Uganda is not required, but multiple travellers give tips – and this additional money assists increase the livelihood of people operating in the tourism business. For restaurants, you can tip 10% for excellent service, and if you want to tip a taxi driver, you can round up your expense.

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