Uganda Custom & Private Safari 


A private safari is specially planned with the assistance of a safari consultant. In this safari, you are free to do all that according to your specific style of travel. And a group safari, this type of safari is already decided the prices for you. in this safari an expert put together and squeeze maximum Value.

Suppose you’re booking directly with a local tour expert like Sight View Safari. They will collaborate with you via phone calls, messages, and emails throughout the whole experience from day one to last, but meals are exemplary. However, Private safaris are more engaging, and the planning process can be an excellent experience for the traveler.

Most of our Uganda safaris and tours at Sight View Safari are tailor-made. We employ a guide with local knowledge of destinations and over a decade of exposure and expertise to guide our visitors worldwide; we always give them valuable tips and tricks for an excellent safari.  

What is the difference in the Value between a Private, Custom Safari?

A family enjoys a private moment watching wildlife on the savanna plains.

For the Privacy

I do not think it is a more significant way to engage oneself in a town’s fauna, discover secret nooks, and admire subtleties while reaping the rewards and immense delight of traveling independently. The instant, significant joy of experiencing a new environment on your terms is the goal of individually organizing a thorough safari.

A custom safari allows you to explore the areas you want to see with the individuals you want to tour with at your speed. For the cost, you want to spend without alerting the entire itinerary to your arrival.

For enthusiastic 1st, gourmet celebs, college mates, mates, big effervescent groups, and passionate parties of one, we have devised extremely pleasant private Custom Safaris.

Aimed the Sheer Luxury

The luxury accessibility to the destination’s best camping, resorts, restaurants, private residences, and estates comes from the simple freedom of thoughtfully selecting where you will stay and also how you will travel. A Private luxury Kenya safari holiday gives you the luxury, privacy, and the luxury of choosing the timings according to your mood and leisure, like when and where you like to visit, all about your housing and interests. 

For Services

Every Customized Safari is conducted by highly competent Safari Managers or travelogue from start to finish.

It is a way to take advantage of expertise, destination relationships, and strong knowledge.

Because you are traveling in the other state, the safari manager will ensure that you reach the right place at the right time.

Our Tour Advisor is Accessible throughout the week and 24 hours every day. The Cyrill family’s well-known reputation backs all these services for open-hearted, unfailing kindness.


as you get to completely personalize what activities to include on your custom Kenya, Rwanda, or Uganda safari itinerary, Sight View Safaris could be included in entirety from gorilla trekking in the misty mountain woodlands, hiking, propelling the white Nile rapids, birding, horseback riding amongst the giraffes, and long picnics, dancing with Batwa Pygmies to hammock-lazing, under acacia trees, and relaxed–highly engrossed, game drives. You alone can limit how much adventure you can have in East Africa.

If a particular camp or specific safari theme (let’s say; cultural, wildlife, hiking, birding, landscape) entices you, we will make it possible for you. Some individuals go on safari to seek peace and relaxation, while others seek thrill rushes. Either or both techniques can be accommodated on a customized, private Safari. Step by step, day by day, our experienced team will design a safari to suit your interests and endurance levels.

Customized and Group Safari in Uganda


Our modest safaris with confirmed departures are run with identical devotion to care and convenience as our exclusive Custom Safaris.

If you’re wondering what to do in Uganda, team safaris are a great place to start planning your Customized Safari. The overall Sight Look of Safari website is a treasure trove of safari activities, hotels, camping, guest houses, resorts to stay in, and adventures to be amazed.

For example, you consider the 21-days, 8-guaranteed-departures-per-year option. “One of the guests said, “That looks fantastic for my family and friends, let’s do it,” thereby changing the subgroup safari into your personalized safari. Alternatively, you might wish to tweak the schedule a little or a lot. Our Custom Safari travel consultants will collaborate with you to develop a unique itinerary that meets your specific requirements.


You might wish to do further research or be motivated to start planning your ideal safari immediately by visiting our Sight View Safaris website’s fantastic regional locations and travelogues. In any case, give our travel consultant or our Personalized Safari developers a call to start your experience. +256 705152084 or email: [email protected]

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